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Taiwan in Times Square

Taiwan Tourism Bureau hosted the event “New York Times Square & Taipei - Join Heart” to bring Taiwan into Times Square Military Island in front of the ABC SuperSign on December 2nd. This event connected Times Square in New York with Taipei SOGO Fuxing Store Plaza in Taiwan. Dr. Yung-Hui Chou, the director-general of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, and Oh Bear, the endorser of Taiwan tourism, attended Taiwan site, inviting New Yorkers and travelers in Times Square to Taiwan. The event aimed to promote Taiwan tourism’s brand concept, “Taiwan, The Heart of Asia” and to break the language and cultural barriers by showing “heart-shaped hand gestures “simultaneously by people from two different sites of the globe.

In this campaign, New Yorkers and Taiwanese nationals interacted with each other by simultaneously creating heart-shaped hand gestures, which were broadcasted through live streaming on billboards in Times Square and Taipei. Shortly after this interactive activity, the billboard in Times Square played a short film showcasing the beauty of Taiwan. Dr. Yung-Hui Chou stated that this creative and interesting way of promoting Taiwan not only showed the beauty of Taiwan to the world but also allowed everyone in the event to share his or her experience in Times Square on their social media platforms. Because the beauty of Taiwan lies in its scenery and its people, this way of promoting Taiwan increases brand awareness by familiarizing participants with the beauty of Taiwan through visual broadcasting as well as real-time interactive connection.

Due to the time difference, the event was held around midnight in Taipei. Even so, Dr. Yung-Hui Chou and Oh Bear, still came to the scene of the Taipei side event to welcome New Yorkers to visit Taiwan. Dr. Yung-Hui Chou mentioned that most tourists to Taiwan impressed the warm welcome and kindness of Taiwanese. The “New York Times Square & Taipei - Join Heart” campaign not only conveys Taiwan’s tourism image for “Taiwan, The Heart of Asia”, but also expresses the friendship and hospitality of Taiwanese people to international travelers.

Lily L. W. Hsu, Ambassador of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, participated this event in Times Square. She stated that Times Square is always filled with people coming and going; it attracts more than one million tourists from all over the world every day, especially during the holiday season, which makes Times Square billboards a battlefield for advertisements. This year, Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York Office hosted the event “New York Times Square & Taipei - Join Heart”to deliver the beauty of Taiwan on ABC SuperSign, and invited New Yorkers and travelers to learn about the friendliness of Taiwanese people through the interactive game.


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