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Model Presentation Meeting for the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival’s Main Lantern “Nature-born Loyalty” and Hand-held Lantern “Dali Dog”

    The 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held in Chiayi in March 2~11, 2018. The lanterns will be officially turned on at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum on March 2, the day of the Lantern Festival. Today, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled the main lantern and the hand-held lantern. The main lantern has been named “Zhong Yi Tian Cheng” by Academia Sinica academician Tseng Yong-yi. It features a smiling indigenous child and a Taiwanese dog standing at Alishan overlooking a “sea of clouds,” the image representing looking back, standing firm in the present, looking to the future, and letting the world see Taiwan. The hand-held lantern Dali Dog has an ingenious design and it represents the hope for good fortune and happiness in the Year of the Dog.

    The Taiwan Tourism Bureau stated that the main lantern was designed by JFA Artwork this year. Standing 21 meters high, it features 4D visual effects with a special refraction cover to improve light penetration by 70 percent. More than 20,000 circuits enable LED lights in the lantern to show images made up of at least 12 million pixels. No matter from where spectators are viewing the lantern, they will be able to enjoy a magical optical scene. The smiling indigenous-child element of the main lantern design has a moving hand that will wave to visitors and say “Hello” when the lantern is operating, conveying love and good wishes. This is just one of the pleasant surprises awaiting visitors at the 2018 Lantern Festival!

    The hand-held lantern is always popular with children. This year it is called “Dali Dog” and, with its happiness and vitality, conveys the message of “Go with Happiness in the Year of the Dog.” Using montage style, the mountains, the sea, the Alishan Forest Railway, indigenous totems, and the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum’s blue and white porcelain become the beautiful patterns on the dog. The handheld lantern is as cute as a doll, with a handle shaped like a dog house. When the lantern is rocked gently the dog will run happily, the affect both cute and amusing. The dog’s belly also has a die-cut mold; when a child carries the lantern at night small dog footprints will appear on the ground just as if he/she is accompanied by a playful small dog during the Lantern Festival.

    This Lantern Festival merges in the concept of 23 Degrees North Latitude (Chiayi lies on the Tropic of Cancer), for the first time using full-venue projection lights to create crisscrossing light beams with a 3D feel in the sky. In coordination with the main lantern show, the magnificent light show will extend throughout the venue. The lantern-lighting stage will also use a moving exhibition method to display Alishan’s stunning “sea of clouds” phenomenon and feature local Chiayi scenes from mountains to sea, showing visitors the most beautiful scenery of the county. To give visitors a new lantern-viewing experience, interactive projection devices transform into large technological photospheres that can be freely enjoyed 360 degrees, giving the viewer the feeling of being in the Milky Way. Also, to give the Lantern Festival more depth, through cooperation with famed artist Mr. Hong Yi, the festival and culture are merged beautifully.

    The 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival will officially open on March 2 (Friday), the day of the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival. A main-lantern show will be held on the hour and half-hour. To welcome early guests, the Chiayi City Government will light up the County Government Lantern Area on February 16. To reduce carbon emissions, it is suggested that visitors make use of Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway trains, and other public transport to avoid traffic jams and enjoy the splendid lantern and festive atmosphere of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in a stress-free way.


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