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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
Li-Yeh Estate Farmland 886-3-9371478 No. 88, Liming 1st Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 26058 +
A long time ago there was a heart full of passion for pursuing its dream and after years of elutriation, it realised the countryside life is the answer for busy people in the city. An idea of building an estate is literally brought to reality to start everything. The theme is four-season fruits and vegetables with products and cuisine DIY classes and ecological tour guide to bring people closer to the countryside life.
In Season:
Spring Garden 886-932-263361 Aside Niu-Dou Bridge, Taiya 1st Rd., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266 (At 1 km on Provincial Highway No.7-C) +
The garden is located at Niu-Dou in Sanxing in Yilan. Niu-Dou is next to the Lan-Yang River as the tipping point of Lan-Yang plain. As long as the Niu-Dou bridge is seen, the garden beneath it can be discovered. The area is about 1 hectare where there are murcott, Fremont orange, golden date, aroma lemon, pearl guava, red guava. The production season starts from August to September with ripe guava, and then Fremont orange and golden date are in November and December, respectively. In the middle of January it’s the time for murcott and aroma lemon will blossom all year. Except for May to July, different fruits are available at different seasons in a year.
In Season:
"Guava(August-February)、 Golden date(November-March)"
Ping-Chih Garden 886-3-9891080 No. 47-52, Xiahu Rd., 3rd Neighborhood, Tianshan Vil., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266 +
Ping-Chih Garden is at altitude 430 m and due to the geographic benefit the Sanxing District is in the view of the garden. With pure water from its source, the garden exploits it to come up with Sanxing tangerine, murcott, and seedless tangerine. The pulp is sweet and juicy and everyone is welcome to have a taste.
In Season:
"Murcott, Tankan(January-March)、 Admiral pear(middle of June-middle of August)"
Fairy-Tale Village 886-3-9613385 No. 300, Meihua Rd., Guangxing Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269 +
It has been the eleventh year of organic certification for Fairy-Tale Village. Chinese pizza DIY class is from January to December. Picking strawberry for the strawberry enzyme is from February to June whilst picking mulberry leaves or being a doctor for the mulberry tree is from the end March to the first half of May. Firefly is in May and unicorn is in June. Harvesting and processing rice is from July to August and picking longan is in July as well. Picking roselle for roselle enzyme is from September to November and picking golden date or plum to make enzyme is from December to February. Organic hot pot boiling ingredients from the land and water is another perfect way to enjoy the scenic view of Meihua Lake. Lo-Dong night market is one of the surprises in Yilan at evening. Everyone is welcome to create memories that you will never forget.
In Season:
"Organic mulberry(middle of March-middle of April)、 Organic roselle(September-November)"
Bravo-8 Organic Farmland 886-928-543646 No. 31-3, Tifang Rd., Renhe Vil., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266 +
Bravo-8 Organic Farmland produces pitaya at Sanxing District in Yilan. The farmland is nurtured with snow water and surrounded by mountains as the temperature is varied between day and night. It insists that no herbicide and insecticide can be used and applies co-living cultivation without chemical fertiliser. The fruit presents its natural flavour reaching sweetness level at 15. Each tree can only keep 2 fruit bodies to concentrate the quality.
In Season:
Pitaya(middle of June-middle of November)
Organic Date Garden 886-3-9891239 No. 46, Yulan, Songluo Vil., Datong Township, Yilan County 267 +
An 1.1-hectare golden date garden is dedicated to organic agriculture. Due to the organic cultivation, there is no use of herbicide and chemical fertiliser. Thus, the wildlife is vibrant in the garden and even the crested serpent eagle sometimes fly over the garden. The environment is diverse and attractive to make people understand the importance of being eco-friendly. Developing organic agriculture to reduce the impact of chemical fertiliser and herbicide on the environment is a way to preserve the preliminary beauty of the hometown. It will be a solid proof for everyone who wants to know what organic is meant to.
In Season:
Organic golden date(December-March)、Red pear(June-middle of July)
Forest Bank Farmland 886-3-9610277 No. 36, Guanghua 2nd Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269 +
Forest Bank Farmland is sitting at the spring area in Dongshan District in Yilan. It accounts for approximately 7 hectares with fresh and clear water. There is more than 4000 pitaya in the farmland giving farming experience as a passion for this land.
In Season:
San-fu Farmland 886-3-9588690 No. 82, Ln. 161, Xinliao 2nd Rd., Zhongshan Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269 +
San-fu Farmland has been keeping the promise to the land since its foundation. Under the seasons all plants and insects can maintain the natural food chain. It also applies eco-friendly measures to protect the balance. The land has never used herbicide or chemical fertiliser since its transformation. It is a way to respect the environment and let the crops grow naturally as food sources for animals and insects.
In Season:
Tung-Feng Organic Farmland 886-3-9587511 No. 769, Zhongshan Vil.(Rd.), Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269 +
Tung-Feng Organic Farmland is sitting in Yilan where is a blessed place. The natural and simple landscape with birds and flowers filling the valley protect people from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although the number of pomelo trees has been less due to zero herbicide and fertiliser, the survivors are even stronger after the selection of natural cultivation. The farmland provides homemade handicrafts and other favourite products, and the soap made from the extracted oil of left pomelo every year and shampoo made from plant oil are available and chemical-free.
In Season:
Goose Organic Farmland 886-3-9580301 No. 3, Zhongshan 5th Rd., Zhongshan Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269 +
“Goose Garden” was founded in 1986 providing homemade tea leave that is produced, processed, and sold by the garden itself. The priceless experience in tea growing has won countless rewards. Thanks to the transformation of the agricultural policy to combine with the tourist industry, the tea baking house was built in November 2005 where features the “tea-leave-smoked egg DIY” whilst the kumquat picking was also included. Visitors can learn to pick kumquat and to make kumquat Oolong tea and can bring the finished product back home.
In Season:
Four-season orange(May-July, November-January)
A-Dong's Wax Apple Garden 886-3-9288798 No. 155, Zhenping 1st Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260 +
The wax apple tree was planted by my father who is 80-year old now. He was born in 1940 and started the business in Pingtung when he was young. He came back to Yilan 30 years ago and won Award of Exemplary Farmer in 2010 for his lifetime experience in wax apple. Considering his age, I carried on to take care the garden in 2008 when people started to seek for healthy food. As I was thinking about the career in agriculture, I knew and learned the skills of natural cultivation. I insist that there is no use of herbicide in my garden.
In Season:
Wax apple (May-July)
Chin-Pu Leisure Garden 886-3-9231427 No. 106-2, Zhenshan Rd., Zhenshan Vil., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264 +
There is always fruit in the garden for four seasons. We have pearl guava, golden date, mulberry, and pear. It is free for visitors to pick them and enjoy the fun. It’s a chance not only to have a taste but also to learn the process of cultivation.
In Season:
Pear(middle of July-August)、Pearl guava(July-April)、Golden date(middle of November-March)、Mulberry(April)、Kumquat(July-May)、Mandarin orange(November-January)
Great Chiao-Hsi Farmland 886-3-9225567 No. 18-6, Pocheng Rd., Zhenshan Vil., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264 +
Want a “date” in Great Chiao-Hsi Farmland? The field is near a scenic spot called Wang-Lung-Pi and produces golden date, red guava, pearl guava, and kumquat. There are three sections in the field including picking area, production area, and education area. Apart from farming experience, visitors can make jam, snacks, or fruit ice cream from the golden date they picked without using additives. The golden date is one of the featuring fruits at Chen-Shan. In every December the garden is always filled with citrus aroma as if recalling the memory of travellers. Supporting farmers to protect the nature can give you the best of it.
In Season:
"golden date (end of October-February)、 Kumquat(all year)"
Ivy Farmland 886-935-841337 No. 86-5, Qiwulan Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262 +
The farmland area is about 0.4 hectare including the greenhouse. We grow mostly spring tomato whose production season starts from December to May. The skin is thin whilst the pulp is fresh and juicy to be quality. The farmland has earned GAP mark for production CV that provides customers with brilliant products.
In Season:
Tomato(middle of December-middle of May)
Yi-Fu Garden 886-3-9874138 No. 134, Linwei Rd., Linmei Vil., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262 +
The production season of golden date is from November to March. During the Traditional New Year’s Eve, the garden is with a gold wave. Yilan is the unique place to produce golden date in Taiwan, and after years of research our garden is open from December to February. Anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of picking and tasting date should come to our garden. Everyone is welcome to drop by with their friends and families. The garden adopts co-living cultivation has earned the GAP mark and the daily limit person number is 20.
In Season:
Golden date(December-February)