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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
A-Tsung Garden 886-919-311979 No. 156, Rixing 3rd Rd., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266 +
A-Tsung garden has been growing pears for 15 years and accumulated sufficient experience. The second generation inherited father’s faith – “Natural, Healthy, Non-toxic” - to make a contribution to our society. We insist on weeding by human effort instead of herbicide to let the soil rest. For the best pears available for everyone, we apply beneficial fungus to help the cultivation and reduce the use of fertiliser. It supports the plant to defend itself against diseases and ease the burden of the land. So the sweetness, appearance, and freshness of the fruit are all in its best shape.
In Season:
Pear, Japanese pear, autumn pear, golden pear(July-middle of August)
Erhu Pineapple Museum 886-3-9230046 No.108, Erhu Rd., Huxi Vil., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264 +
Erhu township in Yilan is the only place north of Taichung proper for pineapple and dates back to the Japanese government. In early days fertiliser was even more costive than pineapple’s profit. Taiwanese pineapple still keeps its original appearance and tastes sweet and sour but flavourful.
In Season:
Taiwanese pineapple(June-September)
Fu-Tien Vanilla Farmland 886-3-3872540 No. 22-8, Piwei, 3rd Neighborhood, Fu’an Vil., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 33559 +
The area of Vanilla Farmland is approximately two hectares decorated orderly by lavender, daisy, sunflower, and colourful snapdragon to present different scenes for the farmland. It has been an icon of the romantic garden in northern Taiwan and thus, it has been the favourite of couple or drama shooting. Except for the picturesque field, the European scenic restaurant offers meals whilst Lover Lake and Pet Estate are also popular. There is roselle in autumn as well.
In Season:
Roselle (October-November)
Waxberry Champion 886-3-4733543 No. 123, Ln. 1412, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Guanyin Dist., Taoyuan City 328 +
Around the city, there is a place close enough to nature. Hiding in the countryside, Chin-Hu-An is a theme park of waxberry, distinct from the ordinary knowledge about a farmland. It is not a large place but apart from waxberry there are precious and exquisite sorts of plants showing off in four seasons. Visitors will not be sorry for dropping by at this fortunate garden with the gentle wind in the afternoon. The magnificent sunset is just another piece of happiness.
In Season:
Aroma lemon(all year)
Kiss Garden 886-925-070601 No. 80, Ln. 286, Sec. 1, Huanbei Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302 +
Our garden is next to Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, and we lay rice shell in the trench to keep visitors’ feet from dirt. With outstanding management, we provide quality strawberry, Feng-Hsiang No.1. We apply organic measures to take care of our strawberry and other vegetables and fruits in the garden. All our product goes through the toxicology tests to ensure that the results are perfect. Although as a daughter of a reward-winning farmer, I never stepped into a field until I decided to start it and my father assigned me some books to read. Having been taking notes everyday since then is now finally a pay off for the reputation.
In Season:
Ta-Shan-Pei Tourist Farmland 886-926-192049 No. 52, 5th Neighborhood, Fengxiang Vil., Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County 31241 +
Ta-Shan-Pei Tourist Farmland is the core area located on a hill at altitude 500~700 m. The ground is relatively high that visitors can drive to the car park at Le-Shan temple and walk to the garden. The garden is facing the sun and leeward, which makes the Mandarin orange here unique, brilliant, and luscious. The production season is from December to March and the garden has murcott, king orange, and sugar orange.
In Season:
Shei-Pa Leisure Farmland 886-3-5856192 No. 380, Minshi, Taoshan Vil., Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County 31141 +
At altitude 1923 m, the garden, Shei-Pa Leisure Farmland, is like another Utopia. Flowers are blossoming in spring whilst in summer it is the best time to pick blueberry and get away from the heat. Autumn is always the best time to see maple leaves whilst kiwi is awaiting up in the cloud in winter. The farmland was following the policy to start kiwi cultivation in 1983, and after countless trial and error it was a successful breed in 1985 and the first batch was out from the farmland in 1990. Now every November is the season of kiwi that is perfectly sweet and sour. Everyone is welcome to have a taste.
In Season:
Up in th Cloud 886-37-951530 No. 6, 9th Neighborhood, Lilin Vil., Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364 +
“Up in the Cloud” is a warm place with Hakka hospitality. It is in Ta-Hu township at altitude 700 m viewing the Hsuehshan Mountain. In summer it is the time of peach and pear with the average temperature at 26C. Clouds surround the hill during autumn and winter and make the place like another Utopia. Peach/pear blossoms are floating in the air and giving strawberry-like aroma. The Hakka style dishes are just the answer to nostalgia. Either cuisine, afternoon tea, fruit picking, blossom salon, hiking or typical cabin, camping for maple leaves, the heaven on the hilltop welcomes everyone to join the spiritual journey.
In Season:
Strawberry(end of December-end ofMarch)、Red pear(middle of May-middle of June)
Second Orangeneration 886-37-994459 No. 7, 1st Neighborhood, Yihe Vil., Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364 +
Second Orangeneration! A tiny orange garden amid the massive scale of the strawberry territory is the legacy left to a young man going home to carry on father’s business. The agricultural industry is the root of Taiwan and should reboot from being eco-friendly.
In Season:
Murcott, Apollo sweet orange, Imperial orange(middle of December-middle of February)
Mama Bean Garden 886-4-2589-6923 No. 109-20, Xiping, Xiping Vil., Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369 +
“Mama Bean Garden” is located at Li-Hsi-Ping in Zhuolan township and is around 1.94 hectares of area. The entire garden was taken care only by the hostess herself. She has overcome those tough works such as fertilizing, truck driving, weeding, trimming etc. The garden has not only sweet pears but also tomato, passion fruit, and Lindley’s pear. It is open for pear tree adoption and holding classes of DIY biscuits to present the fun of farming.
In Season:
"Pear (end of July-August)、 Cherry tomato(December-April)"
Hua-Kuo Organic Garden 886-922-639130 No. 68-2, Pinglin, 6th Neighborhood, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369 +
The garden is sitting at Ping-Lin in Zhuolan township with sufficient sunlight and light air. The area is approximately 1.5 hectares growing tropical peaches and turmeric. There are beehives kept in the garden for pollination and helping raise the productivity with better fruit shape. The management adopts organic measures and natural system as a way back to the pure simple. In the time of uncertainty in food safety, the food and products should be reversed back to the preliminary status. We sell more than just fruits but an idea of safety in food.
In Season:
Peach(middle of May-middle of June)
Alpha's Garden 886-37-951547 No. 46, Sifen, Lilin Vil., Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364 +
Alpha’s Garden has fruit trees older than 10 years but the owner insists on the consistent idea that the fruit trees are irrigated by fermented milk with regular fertilisation. The fruit pulp is always fresh and ravishing and abundant in minerals and vitamins. No herbicide residue makes everyone have a safe meal. Before entrance, visitors are welcome to wander around in the forest and imagine sitting in another Utopia where you left all the hustle and bustle behind you. Then, your heart is delighted again.
In Season:
Mandarin orange, Kumquat, sweet orange, Tangerine, Murcott, sugar orange(November-February)
Melody Golden Garden 886-918-952396 Left turn at 130.2 km on Provincial Highway No.3, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364 +
The strawberry garden has been keeping the honesty since the foundation and serves each customer whoever in love with strawberry. It currently works with a research team in NCHU to study the field possibility of the extracted plant oil reducing the use of herbicide. 30 years of experience in strawberry growing is the word of quality.
In Season:
Yi-Fang Farmland 886-37-920-715 No. 9, Leigongkan, 11st Neighborhood, Longdong Vil., Xihu Township, Miaoli County 368 +
The farmland was built solely by Mr Peng who won the Award of Exemplary Farmer. Using his 40 years of experience, he has turned an area of 8 hectares into a tourist farmland with pavement and fruit picking section. He shared his life experience in cultivation. The farmland is the largest one in Xihu township in Miaoli, preserving the preliminary view and landscape and growing different fruits that seldom show up in a regular market.
In Season:
"Longan(August-middle of October)、 Pomelo(September-October)、 Wanbei Yu(December)、 Mandarin orange(middle of November-first half of December)、 Sweet orange(midle of October-first half of December)、 Fremont(middle of November-first half of December)、 Navel orange(middle of November-February)、 Beauty orange(middle of November-February)、 Triplet orange(middle of November-February)"
Ching-Chin Garden 886-4-8752376 No. 7, Zhuangnan Ln., Chenggong Vil., Xizhou Township, Changhua County 524 +
This is a theme park featuring guava and offering ecological tour guide and picking experience. Currently, there are 12 kinds of guava in the garden in which adopts co-living cultivation. The garden is abundant in sunlight that pours down the energy into guava to make them fresh and sweet.
In Season:
Guava (all year)