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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
Ching-Chin Garden 886-4-8752376 No. 7, Zhuangnan Ln., Chenggong Vil., Xizhou Township, Changhua County 524 +
This is a theme park featuring guava and offering ecological tour guide and picking experience. Currently, there are 12 kinds of guava in the garden in which adopts co-living cultivation. The garden is abundant in sunlight that pours down the energy into guava to make them fresh and sweet.
In Season:
Guava (all year)
Changhua Happy Pitaya Garden 886-4-8966106 No. 66, Fujian Ln., Dongxing Vil., Erlin Township, Changhua County 52653 +
This is a lovely place with birds singing in the air. Flowers are all beautiful and enthusiastic, and fruits present you their sweetness and pricelessness. The gardener covers every pitaya with a paper bag and insists in natural cultivation and to weed by human effort. We believe the chemical-free land is the key to come up with sweet fruits and make people safe. Please pay a visit to have a taste of the pure nature!
In Season:
Pitaya (June-February)
Nano-Leisure Farmland 886-4-8539810 No. 8, S. 2nd Side Ln., Nanshi Vil., Dacun Township, Changhua County 515 +
Dacun township is more than a spot of scenic view but home to grapes. The Nano-Leisure farmland at Nanshi village integrates living, production, and ecology as an excellent place for tourists to rest, get in involved in, DIY, and picking fruits. Apart from the freshness of the fruit there are two groups of grapes kept in an open field and in the greenhouse. The whole garden has no trace of herbicide and adopts co-living cultivation. The grapes go through the yearly laboratory tests by SGS for the inspection of herbicide residue and earn the mark of GAP. The grape juice associated with Council of Agriculture has all the bright flavours preserved. There are also tomato and fig to be picked and in addition, people can hold a BBQ party in the garden combined with a visit to another farmland to make a daily or two-day trip.
In Season:
Grapes (April-August/December-February)、Fig (May-December)、Papaya(December-next October)
Chien-Men Garden 886-4-8522318 No. 72, Ln. 143, Sec. 2, Jiadong Rd., Jiadong Vil., Dacun Township, Changhua County 515 +
The feature in this garden is orange, including Mandarin orange, tangerine, kumquat, golden date, beauty orange, etc. The garden adopts co-living cultivation to keep the garden green and vibrant and earn the mark of GAP for each orange. Thanks to the sufficient sunlight, the orange is not only tasteful but also visually gorgeous to bring people calm and peace. The tour guide can be booked ahead of the trip to make this place a fantastic choice for the family time.
In Season:
"Mandarin orange (October-December)、 Orange(October-February)、 Golden date (October-February)"
Ho-Kuo-to Garden (Altar of Flower) 886-4-7266110 Aside No.911, Sec. 1, Jhangyuan Rd., Huatan Township, Changhua County 503 +
The focus is always on quality products to assure customers of health and safety. The cultivation of the garden applies greenhouses, above-ground, and nutrition solution with standard procedures following the requirement of TGAP to maintain the natural whilst reduce the impact of conventional agriculture on the environment. The work is a coordination of time, land, and species to apply agricultural resources rationally and raise the quality.
In Season:
"Cherry tomato(January 20-April 10)、 Oriental melon (June-November)"
Ta-Ping-Ting Passion Fruit Garden 886-49-2931104 No. 259, Sec. 3, Xi’an Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545 +
As you arrive at Ta-Ping-Ting and embrace the bright air at 5 o’clock in the morning to feel every cell in your body, you will know this is the exact reason to have a taste of scrumptious “purple passion”. The passion fruit was green at first but after the wait, it turns into purple. It is obvious to tell the passion from its name and present the warmth across generations. Layers of flavour revealing the memories is a token of inheritance of Tsai family.
In Season:
Passion fruit (middle of August-middle of next January)
Hsin-Ko Pitaya Garden 886-933-560782 No. 422, Sec. 2, Douyuan Rd., Erlin Township, Changhua County 526 +
The growing started in 2011 and the successful production was in 2012 with an area of approximately 1.02 hectares, giving 0.58 hectares to the white pulp fruit and 0.44 hectares to the red pulp fruit. Here we have aromatic lotus and pitaya grown by natural cultivation. The garden is recognized by GAP and advocating the idea of organic fruits. The owner expects that the field is natural and free from chemicals, and customers can enjoy quality pitaya with total food safety, which is exactly the dream of the owner.
In Season:
Pitaya (July-December)
Catwalk Garden 886-928-993309 No. 160-23, Longnan Rd., Longyan Vil., Zhongliao Township, Nantou County 541 +
The field is full of grape trees older than 10 years and adopts eco-friendly cultivation. The environment is vibrant and comfortable for birds and all visitors who can airily pick good grapes from the trees. The purple view in the field is a picture of joy that should be shared with people.
In Season:
Jabuticaba (April-May)
Shuili Ecological Farmland 886-49-2777622 No. 89-5, Yongle Ln., Yufeng Vil., Shuili Township, Nantou County 553 +
Amid the change of era and the time of globalisation, the competition of agriculture is keen. For the varied world, the farmland has kept reinventing its product and way of management to enlarge the benefit. There are seasonal fruits in the farmland and thus, people can come and enjoy the picking in spring, summer, fall, and winter to have a banana, orange, sweet pomelo, grapefruit, queen pomelo, dried longan, national longan, litchi, mandarin orange, plum, navel orange etc. They are all recognised by GAP with marks promising that customers can be safe and satisfied.
In Season:
Eggy Orange (December-January)
Chiu Chiung Ping Garden 886-952-700529 No. 11, Yong’an Rd., Shang’an Vil., Shuili Township, Nantou County 553 +
The garden is at Shang-An village in Shui-Li township and located at the resort halfway to Dong-Pu hot spring area. It is a perfect spot for the weekend near the scenic area of plum blossom to enjoy the hot spring, picking fruits (grown by natural cultivation) , and the view of plum blossom. As you approach the garden there is a light fragrance in the air.
In Season:
Greenplum (April-middle of May)、Persimmon (September-November)
Tai-Yi Ecological Garden 886-49-2997848 No. 176, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545 +
Since the exquisite decoration the shape of life is told by the followers and sparkling the most glamorous moment. Entering the garden there is a sense of odour, beauty, and prosper to witness the colourful page in one’s life. The entire area is around 13 hectares with an even broader view. There are themes such as blossomy temple, tropical zeal, butterfly hall, green statue park, and green shadow square. Everyone is welcome to have an adventure in this Utopia.
In Season:
Cherry tomato(May-July)、Passion fruit (July-December)、Strawberry (December-April)
Darli Estate 886-5-5893189 No. 173-5, Chongxing Vil., Linnei Township, Yunlin County 64344 +
In the garden the fig is grown in greenhouses and mango and lemon are in the open field for four seasons. Particularly, there are cherry blossom trees in mango field which stands for the dream of the owner: visitors can enjoy the view of cherry blossom while having a picnic with coffee and fruits. The owner said the fruit is organically grown due to the gifted land with quality soil and water that has no need of herbicide or fertilizer.
In Season:
Fig (June-February)
The Fruitful Garden 886-5-3714221 No. 89-13, Dalun Vil., Shuishang Township, Chiayi County 608 +
In recent years people have had more interest in travel, especially every weekend which is perfect for families and farm experiencing. The Fruitful Garden introduced fruit picking tourist in 2013 and explained the knowledge of growing and cultivation through tourist guide. It is a hope that all visitors can not only pick fruits but also understand the agricultural activities in Taiwan. We expect the garden becoming a place for production, education, and recreation.
In Season:
Milky melon (August-end of September)、Milky Cherry tomato (December-May)
Chin-Chin Garden 886-937-355928 No. 50, Xiashitoupu, 7th Neighborhood, Fanlu Vil., Fanlu Township, Chiayi County 602 +
It has been years applying co-living cultivation and natural management. The conventional way to ripen the persimmon is immersing them into limewater. Chin-Chin Garden has been making breakthroughs in persimmon ripening and thanks to the instructions of experts, persimmon from the garden has been on the shelves of supermarkets after ten years of effort in the vacuum technique. The vacuum-ripened persimmon presents the fresh appearance and preserves the sweetness, especially after fridged. It is our expectation that Fanlu can be called “home to persimmon” one day.
In Season:
Persimmon (October-November)
Garden of Persimmon Bro 886-972-302602 (No.6, Chukou, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County 602) +
The Garden of Persimmon Bro has a few different kinds of persimmons taken cared by Persimmon Bro. Recently “vacuum ripening” has been promoted by farmer’s association under instructions of Professor Hsieh in NCHU. It requires air extracted from the wrapping bag with coordinated temperature and time to make persimmon fully ripe inside and fresh outside, which extends the preservation. Persimmon Bro is actually the young ones in this township, but for everyone to have a great taste of persimmon, he decided to give up on life in a city and returned to his hometown to promote persimmon business. His determination even wins the admiration of local seniors.
In Season:
Persimmon (October-November)、Longan (August)