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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
Hou-Yi Farmland 886-919-584788 No. 72, Kezhuang, Minhe Vil., Fanlu Township, Chiayi County 602 +
Hou-Yi farmland is beneath A-Li Mountain where the temperature is varied between day and night. It is a perfect place for sub-tropical fruits and in the farmland, there are passion fruit, pitaya, cherry tomato, cantaloupe, and melon. The garden is open dependent on the fruit seasons and hopefully the joy of picking fruits can be shared among all visitors.
In Season:
"Passion fruit (August-December) Milky melon (August-September)、 Melon (August-September)、 Milky cherry tomato (December-April)"
Angel Garden 886-933-287181 No. 101, Ln. 120, Fu’an Rd., Fengming Vil., Zhutian Township, Pingtung County 911 +
Angel Garden is one the brilliant experiencing local farmlands in Chu-Tien, particularly the farm-to-table organic lemon that has won customers’ favourite. Thanks to the negative issues in food security and the concept of health rising up, lemon has become the best choice for health among beverages. The lemon from Angel Garden has production CV to make the place the most proper experiencing farmland.
In Season:
Lemon (June-October)
Crocodile Leisure Farmland 886-8-7882707 No. 108, Ln. 600, Taiping Rd., Chaozhou Township, Pingtung County 92051 +
In the farmland, people can learn not just life of crocodile but growing abiu and guava, which are both evergreens. Thus, it is terrific to pick fruits every week in this farmland. Abiu was introduced by Pingtung University of Science and Technology Institue and the farmland persists that no herbicide can be used during the growing. Abiu is a tropical fruit rich in plant protein with mineral nutrients such as iron and calcium. It is not yet a popular one but is a big hit as gifts. The management on guava is the same and constantly developing toward organic measures.
In Season:
"Guava(April-November)、 Abiu(April-November)"
Hung-Chi Organic Farmland 886-8-7967301 No. 330, Chanye Rd., Taishan Vil., Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County 906 +
“Rice-duck cultivation” – the wisest legacy The farmland sits at Kaoshu water resource protection area in Pingtung with contamination-free soil and water that has been approved. The organic products include rice, pineapple, black bean, pitaya, and banana. The pineapple is the main feature of the farmland which also creates outstanding processed products such as pineapple enzyme, pineapple snacks, black bean snacks, and red toon tea. The owner, Mr Hsu, is keen to promote the concept of organic agriculture and healthy living.
In Season:
Organic pineapple (all year),Organic pitaya,(February-March/May-December)
Mei-Yang-Yang Strawberry Garden 886-982-777715 No. 11-3, Ln. 531, Sec. 2, Shengbei Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946 +
The garden sits next to the Heng-Chun airport which is one of the places that everyone will pass by whilst heading to Ken-Ding. At Ken-Ding there is not only sun, beach, and bikini but also the joy of picking strawberry. The growing season of strawberry is from December to April in next year. During the time the garden is full of fresh and red strawberry that everyone cannot help but drop by to have a taste. The owner has created his speciality in cuisine, which is mostly made from multiple kinds of strawberry and always looks delicious and appetising. As in weekend, do not hesitate to jump into a journey of strawberry.
In Season:
Strawberry (December-April)
Legendary Leisure Farmland 886-928-707038 No. 201, Ln. 1, Renhe Rd., Xinan Vil., Nanzhou Township, Pingtung County 926 +
Being responsible for the customers and also for the land is the core idea of the owner, Mr Tsai. For 20 years of experience planting wax apple, he is proficient at growing, nurturing, and marketing and is eligible to be called “connoisseur of wax apple. The Pingtung wax apple is just another Taiwan’s pride. Due to the high sweetness and brilliant quality, the wax apple has to feed not only the domestic but also the buyers in Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, which has made it another Taiwan’s pride. Apart from the so-called “Black Diamond”, he also grew rare ones that look white or light green, and the “Gigantic wax apple” weighing around 600 grams each. He even has “Cherry wax apple” for garden landscaping.
In Season:
Wax apple (December-May)
Naturism Garden 886-89-515759 No. 235, Ln. 915, Sec. 1, Zhiben Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950 +
Naturism Garden insists that being natural is a way of land-friendly cultivation. It is our fundamental concept to respect the cycle in mother nature and maintain zero herbicide and fertilizer. “Common interests” is the goal that Naturism Garden has been working for and thus, we offer Taitung healthy, organic, brilliant, and safe products.
In Season:
Roselle (November)
Chu-Lu Coco Garden 886-937-612129 Mingfeng Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954 (200 m west of Provincial Highway No.9 at 360.7 km) +
Sweetsop is one of the famous products in Taitung. Its sweet pulp and the joy of eating it win the favourite of foreigners, which has made itself the unforgettable gift for everyone. The gravel ground has high air flux due to the porosity that can help drain water to make the fruit ripe and scrumptious.
In Season:
Da-Mu sweetsop (September-December),Sugar apple (December-April)
Chu-Ho Winery 886-89-570561 No. 29-3, Luming Bridge, 2nd Neighborhood, Mingfeng Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954 +
The winery is surrounded by nature with Lu-Ming bridge aside and Lu-Yeh river at the front and is the first winery in Taitung that devotes to organic wine. At here the local organic wine is for every visitor who can also experience the most simple farm life and the pure warmth of people. Visitors can learn to replicate the old fashion by easy and exciting ways and can choose to wander in a primary forest to immerse themselves in an environment that does not exist in cities.
In Season:
Loquat (January-April)
Happy Pitaya 886-987-667515 No. 23, Gaotai, Meinong Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954 +
Happy Pitaya Garden is located near Taitung Train Station where is always full of tourists. In the arms of nature, Meinung receives all-year sunlight and inherits the poison-free environment with the soft wind. We adopt the idea of shared living to manage the garden without any herbicide, fertiliser and stimulant, creating a garden of purity that everyone can have a taste of price-friendly pitaya.
In Season:
Yueh-Chi Farmland 886-933-370551 No. 658, N. 1st Rd., Longtian Vil., Luye Township, Taitung County 955 +
It has been 10 plus years since my determination in organic cultivation. The land was devastated by herbicide, which makes you think. I decided to start the career but actually lost a lot at first. Now people are considering about food safety as we are receiving applause. It is a hard but correct choice, and the land has been restored to grow crystal guava with other fruits. It is a perfect place for visitors to pick fruits.
In Season:
Pearl guava, crystal guava(May-December)
Du-Lan Blossom Garden 886-920-016726 No. 8, Wuxian, 11st Neighborhood, Dulan Vil., Donghe Township, Taitung County 959 +
The garden is sitting on the east side of Tou-Lan Mountain facing the Pacific Ocean with a wide view. The area is about 3 hectares, and there are sweetsop and avocado dependent on soil and water condition. The sweetsop is in winter and spring whilst the avocado is in summer, and the land capacity is kept by natural cultivation. The junior generation, Paul Tsai, joined the run in 2015 and inherited the agricultural knowledge from his parents with introducing the marketing idea to share more about the experience of green agriculture and welcome pro-nature people to pay a visit.
In Season:
Sweetsop (December-February)、Avocado (August-September)
Hsing-Jui Pomelo 886-937-976379 No. 268-3, Sec. 1, Wenquan Rd., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978 +
Since 1983 Mr Yu started the cultivation and then his son changed the course and applied less herbicide and fertilizer to make products residue-free. Now the grandson, to create a triple win condition for customers, producers, and the environment, starts the management from ecology. He only weeds by human effort and applies natural cycle to protect his fruits. The eco-enzyme and the compost made from the fallen and cut branches can be returned to the soil. In addition, there is citronella whose extracted oil is effective to expel bugs. The eventual hope is to let customers be comfortable with and confident in us.
In Season:
Pomelo (end of August-first half of September)、Grapefruit (end of October-end ofNovember)、Navel orange (middle of November-middle of December)
Maitreya Garden 886-3-887-2175 No. 131, N. 1st Rd., Ruixiang Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978 +
The owner of Maitreya Garden, Mr Huang, quitted the job in Prada to go back home and help his parents. Using his marketing experience in the city, he has become the connection between customers and the land. He produces and promotes the fruit himself to distribute the quality fruit to everywhere. He believes the passion of the farmer can be delivered to the hands of customers and can make them happy.
In Season:
Valencia (March - middle of April)
Fu-Hsing Community 886-3-8811658 No. 180, Sec. 3, Zhongzheng N. Rd., Fuxing Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978 +
The features of Fu-Hsing community are countryside view and low-carbon. The environmental education and picking experience are based on the local pineapple and other products. With happy train and carriage, people can wander around the village to enjoy the services such as unique cuisine, camping, cabin, and DIY.
In Season:
Pineapple (June 30-August 15)