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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
Good Mate Farmland 886-963-673002 No. 69, Nanqian Ln., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City 413 +
Good Mate Farmland is a “happy farm” of a group of fellows and was only a bland premise for friend’s party. But since the interest in growing tomato, melon, pitaya is increasing, there is now a greenhouse for fruit cultivation and open for free picking.
In Season:
"Pitaya(September-November)、 Cherry tomato(January-April)"
Peaceful Garden 886-935-710069 No. 528, Sec. 4, Dongguan Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423 +
“Peaceful Garden” is a place with dedication and named by an agricultural professor. The garden is an expectation and also a source of innovation. The owner Mr Chan is the third generation inheriting the business and his son will be the forth. After generations, the skills and knowledge are getting more and more proficient due to the owner’s boldness in innovation. They now have loquat, pear and mango.
In Season:
"Loquat(March-April)、 Pear(July-September)、 Mango(July-September)"
Valentine's Valley 886-4-25260650 No. 2, Qinggu Ln., Dongyang Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420 +
“Valentine's valley” is located in Fengyuan District and free for entrance as a famous resort in central Taiwan. The field is at low altitude and abundant in wildlife such as Muller’s Barbet, tree frog, butterfly, and firefly. In this garden of 1.85 hectares, the green cover is still expanding and the cultivation adopted by 14 groups of members is delivering quality products. At here you will find the temper and unique beauty of spring, summer, fall, and winter, which define the place as a wonderful choice for leisure.
In Season:
Water Castle Farmland 886-987-382916 No. 396, Sec. 3, Dongqi Rd., Zhongke Vil., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423 +
The farmland is located at Zhongke Village in Taichung and is easy to visit. Surrounded by mountains and streams and without any pollution, it is a perfect place for fruit trees and the farmland adopts zero herbicide but co-living cultivation to keep the land sustainable. The featuring products are persimmon, tangerine, navel orange, jabuticaba. We are farmers bearing honour and in love with mother nature. We are enthusiastic about taking care of the land and persist in organic measures. What about you? Maybe you can be one of us, too. Shall we go enjoy the purest environment and taste the simplest deliciousness whilst relaxing in Dragonfly Valley!
In Season:
Persimmon(September-October)、Tangerine(December-January)、Navel orange(January-March)、Jabuticaba(April-May, September-November)
Kung-Lao-Ping Farmland 886-4-25245907 No. 12, Pingding Ln., Shuiyuan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420 +
Be close to nature and enjoy the delectable cuisine created from it. Wandering in the field without city’s busy noise but birds singing in the aromatic air makes you feel bright and light. In the afternoon sitting under the shadow in the face of gentle wind and taking a nap defines so-called “leisure time”. Kung-Lao-Ping Farmland is the very first tourist garden in Taiwan and is still your wonderful option to spent time in here for nature or having a holiday. When a festival comes, fruit is ripe and fresh and always looks luscious. Everyone is welcome to have a taste of this beauty.
In Season:
"Mandarin Orange(November-middle of February)、 Plum(May-middle of June)、 Litchi (first half of July)、 Longan(first half of August)"
Tung-Hsin Garden 886-4-25885960 At 5 km on Shilin St., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423 (Toward Dongshih Forest Garden) +
The farmland has been run for 30 years by a simple and cute couple who always show their hospitality. The owners really work diligently in the garden to harvest those fresh, ravishing, and luscious fruit, including pears, persimmon, and orange. For those who love farming experience, this is a perfect place to stay away from the hustle and bustle city and relax whilst enjoying the fruit picked by yourself as if in “happy farm”.
In Season:
Pear (June-August)
Sunbath Farmland 886-937-664656 No. 564-8, Zhongshan Rd., Jingpu Vil., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City 436 +
Fruits under the sunbath always look gorgeous. So we have this field “Sunbath Farmland” run by two sunshine professional boys. They take care of the land and grow the fruits in greenhouse gently as if each product was for their own family. No herbicide or stimulant is used and they exploit bees for pollination. Especially, as you arrive at the farmland, you will find that all cherry tomato and melon are listening to classical music. You will understand not only the safety but also the unique temper of our cherry tomato and melon.
In Season:
Cherry tomato (January-April)
Sweet Persimmon Clan 886-4-25911743 No. 22-1, Tianling Ln., Daguan Vil., Heping Dist., Taichung City 424 +
“Sweet Persimmon Clan” on Mo-Tien Hill contains Sweet Persimmon Clan, 7 Fairy Garden, Cute Persimmon Garden, and Hero Persimmon Garden. At first the sales were at the local market and mostly purchased by brokers. But the member believed it was pitiful the best shape of the persimmon could not reach to terminal customers. Thus, we decided to stand up for our own brand and sell the persimmon at fair prices so that fans can have a taste of them with less stress. We work diligently and keenly on the top of the hill to nurture those beautiful persimmons. Chun-Lin, as the second generation watching her family’s dedication, gave up on high payment and returned to home to help sell persimmon. She is now on the same page to advocate the wildlife preservation. The persimmon from Sweet Persimmon Clan is unique and delectable. Everyone is welcome to pay a visit and see its magic.
In Season:
Dragonfly Valley 886-928-915963 No. 60, Xisheng Ln., Dongkeng Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423 +
We are farmers bearing honour and in love with mother nature. we are enthusiastic about taking care of the land and persist in organic measures. What about you? Maybe you can be one of us, too. Shall we go enjoy the purest environment and taste the simplest deliciousness whilst relaxing in Dragonfly Valley!
In Season:
Aroma lemon (end of January-first half of December)
Xin Feng Farmland 886-4-25811938 No. 264, Sec. 2, Zhonghe St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 426 +
This is a story of a local farmer with pure and warm heart. A crystal of sweat and effort brings you the sense of happiness. It is a fortune to have a taste of fresh fruit at Xinshe District in Taichung. It is an entirely different countryside that Xin Feng Farmland prepares for everyone. The farmland applies greenhouse cultivation and covers the fruit with bags to keep the cleanness. The fruit is sweet and robust. There are also cosy rooms for visitors to stay. Services: 1. Yearly picking fruit in the farmland. 2. Offer featuring products. 3. DIY experience. 4. Tour guide. 5. Scheduled farming experience. 6. Slow tour in Xinshe District. 7. Educational trip. 8. Slow tour in farming experience.
In Season:
"Loquat(February-April)、 Peach (middle of April-middle of May)、 Grapes (end of June-end of July, middle October-middle of December)、 Persimmon (middle of November-December)"
Fair Farmland 886-4-25820384 The entrance lane next to Summit Resort on Xiezhong St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 426 +
“Fair Farmland” is open for adopted cultivation to fulfil your dream having a fruitful tree in the mountain. The family is welcome to pick them and learn to observe the nature. Each adopted tree will provide you approximately 30 kilograms of Mandarin orange (exchangeable for other kinds fruit in the garden). The owner Mr Chan insists the honesty as a farmer and persists in nature to build up “Fair Farmland” in Xinshe District. He only applies eco-friendly measures and his own secret fair fertiliser to take care of the land and turn it into a wildlife paradise. Fair Farmland gives your family healthy and safe fruits.
In Season:
"Tangerine(Murcott, Mandarin orange, November-March)、 Lemon (July-October)"
U AND ME Garden 886-4-25826658 No. 391-10, Fengshi Rd., Shigang Dist., Taichung City 422 +
“U AND ME” garden is a creative place in which the joy of the land is everywhere. The owner’s spirit for this field is to produce quality fruits with a grateful heart and share the sweetness with everyone. The name of the garden means the fusion and bond of friendship and this garden will be filled with love and prospect.
In Season:
Cherry tomato (all year)
Yung-Yeh Ecological Garden 886-4-25879586 No. 168, Ln. 688, Sec. 3, Dongqi Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423 +
Based on the theme of being organic and eco-friendly, the key to holding the critical balance is natural cultivation and organic agriculture with MOA certificate. The robust product is free for the picking, garden restaurant supply, and the further process. After years of restoration, the co-living is stable now, especially in April and May when firefly comes out at night. The view is the best and most valid proof of successful eco-friendly cultivation. The world-famous building, Pear Museum, sits in the area as well.
In Season:
"Peach(April-May)、 Pear(middle of July-middle of August)、 Persimmon(October-November)"
Chung's Garden 886-6-5745847 No. 55, Zhongshan Rd., Yujing Dist., Tainan City 714 +
Yu-Ching, home to mango, is a great producer to sell mango to Japan. The owner is serious about customers’ food safety and fully adopt the inspection system of product CV. The garden can bear the weeds whilst growing mango as an eco-friendly cultivation. The garden delivers fruits or snacks to doorsteps and is open for everyone to get involved in cultivation. It is a perfect chance to touch the nature and witness the happiness on the faces of those people.
In Season:
Mango (May-July)
Sweet Fruit Shop 886-6-5746787 No. 53-6, Wangming, Yujing Dist., Tainan City 714 +
Graduating from NTU’s MBA, Mr Lai carried his wife and son back to hometown to help farm business. The persistence came up with the unique process for mango in Yu-Ching that distinguishes from the others. There is no need of bleach, pigments, artificial sugar, additives, and preservatives. What adopted are low-temperature souse, gentle bake, low-temperature preservation, and packing in the sealed dust-free room to keep the precious nutrients as if it was just picked from the branches. It is totally different from most of the local flavour and is a limited supply.
In Season:
"Mango (July-August)、 Guava (all year)"