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Fun in Fruit Picking

Name TEL Address
Just Date - Mei-Lin Date Garden 886-6-5751485 No. 315-26, Jiaba Rd., Nanxi Dist., Tainan City 715 (On the right side of the road at 150 m toward Mei-Ling) +
The farmland is adopting natural cultivation and applying human effort to weed. All is about to reduce the health risk caused by the herbicide amid milk fermentation to improve the soil. There are faucets available so that the tourists can enjoy the clean and fresh jujubes.
In Season:
Jujube (January-middle of March)
Hsien-Hu Leisure Farmland 886-6-6863635 No. 6-2, 1st Neighborhood, Nanshi Vil., Dongshan Dist., Tainan City 733 +
Different scenes of products in four seasons. There are flowers and busy beehives in spring giving a hint of good production. Summer catches up with Litchi and Longan and then autumn and winter offer tangerine and coffee. It is farmer’s happiness to work along with four seasons. It is a heritage of 200 years of skills, history and culture of kiln baking. We are the sixth generation of this land and proud of our identity.
In Season:
Litchi (June)、Longan (August)、 Orange (October)、Orange (November-December)
Lung-Hu-Shan Ecological Estate 886-6-6861880 No. 109-6, Gaoyuan Vil., Dongshan Dist., Tainan City 733 +
The ecological estate is sitting near five reservoirs in Tainan, at 13.3 km of “Coffee Highway 175” and next to the hot spring resort – Guanziling. Due to the relief rainfall and karst topography the two features of the farmland, coffee and longan, are rarely outstanding with conventional kiln baking for 5 days and nights to come up with old-fashioned longan. These two features are also the inspiration for a series of healthy cuisine and homemade dumplings distinct from the normal. The estate persists in the idea of healthy diet and uses the local ingredients with a pure heart to serve each visitor a table of cuisine.
In Season:
Longan (August-December)
Mei-Lin Happy Plum Garden 886-6-5753658 No. 32-3, Meiling, Wanqiu Vil., Nanxi Dist., Tainan City 715 +
Mei-Lin Happy Plum Garden is next to its own restaurant in an area of 5 hectares. Apart from the enormous scale of plum trees, there are 200 trees of different pears. For the past 10 years exploiting plum blossom and Firefly, we hold plum DIY party in April to lead our visitors to pick plum and make products from it.
In Season:
A Good Cave 886-987-971219 No. 7-13, Dongyuan Vil., Dongshan Dist., Tainan City 733 +
Inherited by three generations, the skills of kiln baking longan is a local feature at Tung-Shan in Tainan. It has been reinvented by introducing machinery momentum into the conventional method and expanded the kiln, which makes the process even more professional. These changes are actually preserving the baking skills we insist on. It is our expectation not only to be experts but connoisseurs.
In Season:
Longan(middle of August-September)
Mommy Chang's Garden 886-7-6564569 No. 116-1, Xingtian Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840 +
There is a couple in Dashu District in Kaohsiung knowing that mulberry is abundant in anti-oxidating compounds, including anthocyanidin, AHA, carotenoid…etc. These compounds are really beneficial for human health, and they started massively growing mulberry in 1983 when the public knew little about its advantage. They were keen to develop the post process of mulberry and opened the garden for the free picking. People can understand mulberry and its organic cultivation. The couple’s son was encouraged to attend classes learning critical skills and knowledge in Chiayi University, Tainan Range, Food Industry Reseach and Development Institue, and Pingtung University of Science and Technology. After years they have come up with products such as mulberry juice, mulberry wine, mulberry vinegar, mulberry jam, mulberry snacks, and mulberry tea bag etc. Eventually the flavour of mulberry can be preserved and tasted throughout the year, and the garden is more vibrant than ever since.
In Season:
Mulberry (April)
Ta-Shan-Yuan Farmland 886-7-6165553 No. 88, Zhongxing N. Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City 824 +
The farmland produces the iconic fruit of Yen-Chao – milky guava (all year), sweet jujube (November-March), and mango (May-June). They are all available onsite or purchasable on the internet and can be delivered to your doorstep. The farmland also irregularly offers seasonal vegetables or fruits that can be picked by visitors who are looking for the exact farming joy. After a break, there is ice dessert of mango to bring all visitors back to old day memories. Under the sunset, visitors can borrow bicycles from the farmland to have a scenic tour on the first bicycle lane of A-Kung-Tien reservoir. This is a perfect place for families, student groups, or companies to hold a daily trip.
In Season:
Milky Jujube (End of December-next February)、,Pearl guava (all year)
An-Kang Organic Garden 886-7-6831697 No. 37, Ji’an, Jiyang Vil., Meinong Dist., Kaohsiung City 843 +
At the junction of Ligang and Kaoshu, there is a place of aquaculture “18-Chia” called by the locals. The garden is sitting in this broad area surrounded by aquaculture ponds to create a protected environment without neighbourhood contamination or toxic water. The owner, A-Liang, was a white-collar man in office who hated to spend time on washing vegetables because of the herbicide residue. So, when he started his own agricultural business, the first priority is growing vegetables by the principles of food safety. His goal, for now and the future, is “bringing back the time of simple and edible vegetables”.
In Season:
Pitaya (June-November)、Papaya (all year)
Yuan-Chi-Wu Greenhouse 886-921-339614 No. 285-6, Central Rd., Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City 822 +
Alian District is sometimes called “home to fruits” giving jujubes, guava, wax apple, tomato. The owner has special feelings for tomato and thus there is a greenhouse for growing tomato. The tomato is separated from bugs and diseases and nurtured by eco-friendly cultivation to offer high-quality tomato. Everyone is welcome to have a taste of the fruit of joy.
In Season:
Cherry tomato (December-middle of March)、 Melon (all year)"