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One Day Accessible Tour in Nantou, the Checheng Station

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The "Checheng Station" is considered the most beautiful station in Taiwan. You can see old-time trains and Taiwan's timber industry on display. Visit the "The Grove Experience Factory" to experience being a carpenter. The "Checheng Wood Exhibition Hall" has abundant collection of old historical pictures and architecture. The "Timber Pond" with accessible trails next to the hall was used to store the logs which were chopped down from the mountains. Built in 1933, the "Jiji Train Station" is also a famous train station easily identified by its cypress design. Visitors can enjoy the railway culture and beautiful scenery along the route.


Tour route


Checheng Station
Checheng Station was greatly damaged during the 921 Earthquake and had since been restored. Now it has been marked as the most beautiful station in Ta...

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The Grove Taiwan
“Grove” is a natural landscape or a unit of permanent forest artificially segmented with the purpose of management and development. Grove ...
Checheng Wood Exhibition Hall
The exhibition hall used to be the timber industry factory during the colonial period. It now exhibits the history of the timber industry after recons...

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Timber Pond
The Timber Pond was used to store the logs which were chopped down from the mountains. By soaking the logs in the water, their life can be extended. N...
Jiji Train Station
Jiji is located on the north of Zhuoshui River. It is the smallest administrative district in Taiwan. However, Jiji is one of the hottest tourist attr...

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