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2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpting Art Festival to be inaugurated on April 19

Date:2019-05-15 Number of Visitors:1401

The Fulong International Sand Sculpting Art Festival will kick start on April 19 and operate until August 25. A total of 25 sand sculpting artists from seven countries are invited to express their creativity this year. All visitors are cordially invited to go to Fulong Beach to appreciate their works by then!

The main theme for this year is “Finding Atlantis through a Small Town.” In accordance with the Tourism Bureau’s “2019 Year of Small-Town Tourism,” three display areas will be installed.

The artists will be creating art by various sub-themes. Small interactive sand sculptures and large ones for a formal contest will be made. On June 15, the artists will complete a Guinness World Records project, making 300 dolphin sand sculptures together. At least 365 sand sculptures will be made this year.

For more information, please visit the festival website. As to ways of transport, festival goers may take a train to Fulong and then walk to the beach.


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