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Free Half-Day Tour

Important Notice

Thanks to everyone for your continued support for and appreciation of our half-day tours. Unfortunately, due to the global spread of the coronavirus and our commitment to protecting public health, we are indefinitely suspending the half-day tours as of March 19th. However, we will still be monitoring and replying to emails sent to our mailbox.

As soon as we set a date for re-starting the half-day tours, we will announce this on our website. So please be sure to keep checking the site for the latest updates and other information.

We want to extend our wishes for everyone’s safety and good health, and we welcome you to come to Taiwan and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the future.

1. Who can participate:

Transit or transfer passengers with 7- to 24-hour layovers before their next connecting flight, who have valid R.O.C. visas or come from countries eligible for visa-exempt entry.

Countries eligible for visa-exempt entry: Please refer to the website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also eligible are citizens from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos who have applied online for an R.O.C. "Travel Authorization Certificate”. For detailed qualification and application information, please refer to the website of National Immigration Agency. Registrants must print out the "Travel Authorization Certificate”, which is required for both arrival and departure immigration inspection in Taiwan.

2. Travel documents required:

A: Passport valid for at least six months
B: Completed immigration embarkation/disembarkation card available at immigration counter

3. How to register:

There are 12 seats for on-site registration; please book your tour after arriving at the Tourist Service Center located in the Arrival Lobby of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Taoyuan International Airport.
Besides on-site registration, we will keep 6 seats for reservation from 14 days to 30 days prior to passengers’ arrival. If you would like to reserve a tour in advance, please fill in the application form and e-mail it to halfdaytour@tbroc.gov.tw. We only accept Excel files, not pdf, or handwritten forms. We will make a reservation for you if you are eligible.
Each tour is limited to 18 passengers, and passengers can join only one tour during each stopover.
To avoid passengers missing their departure flight, we don’t accept morning tour registration for passengers who are scheduled to depart before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the tour, and we also don’t accept afternoon tour registration for passengers who will depart before 8:30 p.m. on the same day.

Terminal 1 map    Terminal 2 map

Contact information:

  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tourist Service Center
    Service Hours: 07:00~23:30 (Terminal 1) / 05:30~24:00 (Terminal 2)
    TEL: +886-3-398-2194, +886-3-398-3341 (or dial 12194 or 13341 on the airport’s courtesy telephone)
  • Edison Travel Service
    TEL: +886-2-2563-5313

Should you have any queries about tour registration, please contact us by e-mailing halfdaytour@tbroc.gov.tw.

4. Tour schedules & itineraries:

Pick-up Location Terminal 1
Tourist Service Center
Terminal 2
Tourist Service Center
Return to Airport
(Depending on traffic)
Departure Time (Morning Tour) 08:30 08:15 12:30
Departure Time (Afternoon Tour) 14:15 14:00 18:15


  1. As there is no room for luggage on the bus, please store all luggage at the airport baggage service counter (fee required) before boarding the bus.
  2. The Tourism Bureau reserves the right to adjust or cancel tours in case of inclement weather or other reasons.
  3. Please follow the instructions of the staff on the day of the tour. If you do not comply, the Tourism Bureau has the right to refuse your participation.
Morning Tour

Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport



2020 Free Half-Day Tour

Sanxia-Yingge Half-Day Tour (Morning)

Leave Terminal 2 of Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport for Sanxia
Leave Terminal 1 of Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport for Sanxia
Sanxia Old Street (visit)
Beautiful old street; renovated red-brick merchant houses and residences dating from the late Qing Dynasty and early Japanese colonial era; houses feature ornate facades with late Qing, Japanese, and Baroque elements.
Qingshui Zushi Temple (visit)
Ornate Daoist temple; founded in 1769; dedicated to a Song Dynasty General deified as the “Divine Ancestor.” Much of the artwork in the present structure was created by a team of the world’s best master artisans beginning in the late 1940s.
Sanxia → Yingge
Yingge Ceramics Old Street (visit)
Yingge is the “Pottery Capital of Taiwan,” producing high-quality ceramics since the early 1800s, with over 800 resident artists; its cobblestoned Old Street has over 100 attractive shops and merchant stands selling everything from inexpensive cups to exquisitely handcrafted statues.
Yingge → Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport
Arrive at airport

Taipei City Half-Day Tour (Afternoon)

Leave Terminal 2 of Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport for Taipei City
Leave Terminal 1 of Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport for Taipei City
Taipei 101 (visit)
Taiwan’s most iconic manmade landmark and one of the world’s tallest buildings; a modernist stratosphere skyscraper also rich in auspicious Chinese symbolism.
Taking in sights of eastern Taipei from the bus
Taipei City Government (pass by)
Xinyi Shopping District (pass by)
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall & Memorial Park
A tourist favorite, dominating an exquisitely landscaped park; gleaming white-marble hall and palace-style National Theater and Concert Hall.
Taking in sights of central/western Taipei from the bus
Presidential Office Building (pass by)
Taipei Fine Arts Museum (pass by)
Grand Hotel (pass by)
Taipei City → Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport
Arrive at airport


1. Can I join the tour if I stay in Taiwan more than one day?
No. The tours are only for transit or transfer passengers with 7- to 24-hour layovers in Taiwan.

2. Can I join both morning and afternoon tours?
No. Eligible passengers can join only one tour during each stopover.

3. Can I take my luggage on the tour?
There is no room for luggage on the bus, but you can store your luggage at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. For luggage service information, please check Taoyuan International Airport Luggage Services.

4. Do you have any suggestion about what to do if we have transit time but cannot take your tour?
We suggest that you take a public bus or the Taoyuan Airport MRT from the airport to Taipei by yourselves and visit some attractions there. For more transportation information, please ask the Tourist Service Center in the arrival hall or check Taoyuan International Airport Public Transportation.

5. Do you provide currency exchange service? 
There are banks that provide 24-hour exchange service at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. For detailed information about the currency exchange service, please check Taoyuan International Airport Services & facilities.

The updated itineraries are valid to December 31, 2020.
Sponsored by Tourism Bureau, MOTC, R.O.C.
Last update time:2020-09-26
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