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Taiwan Tourism Bureau and PBS Travelscope Collaboration “Taiwan – Mountain Beauty, Village & Culture” Honored with Gold Telly Award

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After winning two Emmy Awards in 2018, Taiwan Tourism Bureau and PBS Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope collaborated once again, on another nature exploration series - “Taiwan – Mountain Beauty, Village & Culture” - winning a Gold Telly Award this year.

The program host, Joseph Rosendo shared the exciting news, “We are thrilled that the Telly Awards has honored my Travelscope series. It is always satisfying to be awarded for the hard work, creativity, inspiration and dedication that it takes to produce the series. We are thrilled to add this year’s 3 Telly haul to our 47 (totaling 50 Tellys) that Travelscope’s 11 seasons have garnered over the years. The true reward comes from the amazing people we’ve encountered on our journeys and the opportunity we’ve been given to share those experiences with our worldwide audience. Travelscope, for more than 35 years and in its manifestations, has turned our audience on to the magic of travel and reminded them of our common humanity. Its mission to promote our planet's common humanity is wonderfully illustrated by the series' use of American author Mark Twain's quote, ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.’ It's a message we have been honored to help spread.”

“Taiwan – Mountain Beauty, Village & Culture” series featured the intricate dynamic and relationship between nature’s beauty, historic developments and sustainable tourism. Joseph Rosendo takes his viewers on a story telling journey visiting the famous Qingshui Cliffs, and Taroko National Park’s Changchun Shrine, Swallow Grotto’s Yanzikou Trail, Shakadang Trail, Baiyang Waterfall Trail and Zhuilu Old Trail, passing through Wuling – the highest paved road in Taiwan – to Qingjing Farm.

Director Brad Shih of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Los Angeles Office said, “Congratulations and thank you, Team Travelscope, for showcasing our small, but ecologically, culturally and adventure rich country to your audiences in North America and throughout the world. Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope is an outstanding travel series which brings its viewers in-depth perspectives on different countries and their people.

Travelers from the U.S. are even more aware of travel safety in the post Covid-19 era. Taiwan’s been an advocate of sustainable tourism with travel themes promoting small towns, hiking, bicycle tourism, and bird watching; they are the future travel trends that are sensible to environmental preservation efforts. The Bureau’s Los Angeles Office will continue to focus on raising awareness of Taiwan travel and align promotional/sales efforts on quality travel products that are trust worthy and motivating to travelers.”

Award winning Travelscope Taiwan episode

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