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Domestic Travel Tips

  1. Gather relevant travel information in advance and make plans, including arranging accommodation.
  2. Be well prepared for the trip and know your own health. Bring medicine if necessary.
  3. Abide by traffic rules and follow instructions provided by traffic officers.
  4. Keep yourself informed of the latest traffic and weather updates via TV, radio, or newspaper.
  5. Stay safe. Avoid going to non-monitored areas, and watch out for falling rocks, as well as giant hornets, venomous snakes and wild monkeys. Do not swim or do any water activities by the coasts or rivers, where no lifeguards are watching.
  6. When on a boat, wear a life jacket. Never take an overloaded or unlicensed boat.
  7. Abide by all safety rules when enjoying theme-park facilities. To stay safe, listen to what staff members say and follow their instructions.
  8. Do not go to dangerous areas alone. Observe to warnings and "stop" signs.
  • Sanxia Old Street

    Sanxia Old Street

  • Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

    Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

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