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"2021 Tourism Festival Award Ceremony" Taiwan Tourism Gained Ground Despite the Pandemic Thanks to the Hard Work of Everyone in Taiwan's Travel Sector

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"The 2021 Tourism Festival Award Ceremony" was held today (2/24) at the Taipei International Convention Center. The Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) honored 93 tourism groups and individuals from home and abroad. The awardees were commended for their hard work and innovation over the past year in the face of heavy pressures from COVID-19. Proactive efforts by the government and the concerted efforts by the public helped keep the number of cases in Taiwan under control. This helped domestic tourism post excellent achievements, and also helped Taiwan rank highly as a desired tourism destination in online platforms.

The Tourism Festival Award Ceremony is an annual event for the tourism industry in Taiwan. In line with Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) guidelines, this year's ceremony was smaller in scale than before. Only awardees attended this year's event. Other measures such as temperature taking and use of disinfectants were in place. However, for the first time the ceremony was streamed live online, allowing a broader audience to participate. MOTC Minister Lin Chia-Lung attended this year's event and personally thanked all members of the tourism industry, and the awardees in particular, for their outstanding contributions to the tourism industry over the past year. He highlighted the efforts to control the pandemic. Minister Lin said that Taiwan's response to the epidemic represented a turning point for the national tourism industry in terms of quality and the ability to maintain high health standards. On January 18-19 the Tourism Bureau MOTC organized a "2021 Post-epidemic Tourism Transformation Forum." This discussed pro-active measures and advance deployment under the theme of "Ahead of the Transformation, Grasping the Future." Many ministry and commission heads were invited to attend a round table meeting, five symposiums and a “one new journey" exhibition. One goal was to develop a consensus between the tourism industry and average citizens in terms of transforming the tourism industry and enhancing competitiveness in the post epidemic era.

At the awards ceremony, Minister Lin noted that the MOTC had achieved five goals over the past year: "to be prepared, to be successful in epidemic prevention, to be effective in relief, to reach an effective revitalization, and to make a hopeful transformation." Taiwan tourism has actively carried out a framework for "expanding international tourism, providing short-term subsidies such as incentives and reliefs to operators, increasing international marketing channels, and expanding cross-border and cross industry cooperation." The Tourism Bureau thus not only plays an important role in packaging industry offerings, but also helps integrate the efforts of various ministries and assists them in cooperating with local governments to jointly create a high level and in-depth type of tourism. As soon as the epidemic situation allows, Taiwan is positioned to move forward. Taiwan tourism will benefit from international marketing channels, and Taiwan's reputation has been aided by its success in pandemic control.

At today's ceremony, Minister Lin personally presented a "Taiwan Tourism Special Contribution Award" to Mr. Su Chern-Tyan for his great service to Taiwan tourism over many years. Mr. Su was Director-General of the Tourism Bureau from 1991-94 and he is currently Vice President of the Taiwan Visitors Association. Mr. Su promoted the "Tourist Doubling Plan" and helped Taiwan turn a new page in its tourism development. During his tenure at the Tourism Bureau, Mr. Su helped improve Taiwan's tourism environment under the theme of "Taiwan touch your heart." He also oversaw the writing of the "White Paper for Taiwan Tourism 2030 on Taiwan's Tourism Policy." This document set 10-year tourism goals. Mr. Su also played an important role in efforts such as the "Taiwan Tour Bus" and the national tourism service center system. Mr. Su was recently invited by Minister Lin to serve on an MOTC advisory group.

This year's Tourism Festival Award Ceremony was particularly meaningful in light of efforts by the government and general public to control the COVID pandemic. Under the Tourism Bureau's advanced deployment, no effort has been spared in promoting relief and revitalization. This includes promotion of epidemic prevention in accommodations, and active integration of resources at the industry, local government and ministerial levels. The ceremony provided an opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts. Eight types of awards were presented at the ceremony: "Taiwan Tourism Special Contribution Award," "Taiwan Tourism Contribution Award," "Excellent Tourism Industry Group Award," "Excellent Tourism Industry Award," "Excellent Tourism Industry Practitioners Award," "Enthusiastic Tourism Group and Individual Award," "Competition Award for Supervision and Assessment of the Tourism Industry" and "Counties and Cities with Excellent Performance in B&B Hotel Industry Assessment and Management." This year, the "Contribution Award for Promoting Epidemic Prevention in Accommodation" was specially added to praise counties and cities that actively promoted epidemic prevention and supported new accommodation policies. This created a first line of defense against the epidemic and provided for safe and comfortable accommodations for people who cooperated with quarantine efforts.

Following on the "2020 Ridge Mountain Tourism Year," which helped generate a national mountaineering trend, this year, the Tourism Bureau is promoting the "2021 Bicycle Tourism Year." This builds upon efforts to upgrade bicycle lanes around the island, and integrate software, hardware and tourism products in a combined effort to promote bicycle tourism. Plans call for launching 16 bicycle routes and demonstration tours, as well as other activities, accompanied by international elements and the participation of people from all walks of life. We hope that in the new year, in line with goals of environmental protection and sustainable bicycle tourism, everyone will be able to participate in the activities and enjoy the beauty of Taiwan. The theme of this year's ceremony was "2021 Riding towards A Better Future." Through this, we encourage our friends in the tourism industry to continue to move forward, maintain optimism and make joint efforts to ride toward a better future!

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