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Alishan Chukou Visitor Center won the Silver Prize in interior design at the 2021 Muse Design Awards.

Date:2021-09-29 Number of Visitors:908

We want to send out a big congratulations to the Alishan Chukou Visitor Center for winning the Silver Prize for Interior Design at the 2021 Muse Design Awards! The Center was nominated by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration (the Administration), Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Receiving this recognition from among 4,876 global entries is a great honor for the Center, and its design demonstrates a positive reflection of "soft power" from Taiwan to the world.

The Administration's Director, Hung Wei-hsin, noted that the Center was refurbished earlier this year to transform it into a better tourist information venue. It presents in an even more user-friendly manner six key Alishan tourism themes, namely 1) the Alishan Forestry Railway, 2) conservation, 3) diversity of the local indigenous culture, 4) beautiful scenery, 5) tea and 6) coffee. The Center combines the promotion of local products with tourist information and comfortable areas where visitors can relax. The interior design includes creative illustrations, multimedia installations, and life-size models. Several exhibits were upgraded and new eco-exhibits were added that introduce visitors to several notable Alishan species, such as the Taiwan salamander, owl, the Collared Bush Robin, the Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel, and Taiwan blue pheasant. The glass projections require visitors to stand back in order to appreciate the animals clearly. This shares the idea that mankind should respect nature in order to preserve it and ensure its sustainability.

One special highlight at the Center is "Interactive Forest," which was inspired by René Magritte's 1965 lithograph entitled Le Blanc-Seing (The Blank Signature). The Interactive Forest follows a similar surrealistic approach, analyzing, juxtaposing and reconstructing elements such as shapes, shadows, mountains, and forests. This results in an impressionistic vision of Alishan, creating a whole new sensory experience. Through the Center's new design, and its creative use of light and shadow, what was once a gloomy-looking visitor center has become a bright and comfortable place where visitors can relax and learn more about Alishan. The Administration wishes to thank the Muse Design Awards for this recognition, which will allow more people throughout the world learn about the Visitor Center and discover the beauty of Taiwan.


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