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[Travel News]Happening in Taiwan Now

Date:2021-10-21 Number of Visitors:1768

Worldwide travel in 2021 continues to be hampered by the global pandemic. If you want to find the latest info about current Covid-related rules and regulations in Taiwan, visit the website of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Hopefully we'll soon be returning to the travel freedoms enjoyed pre-2020!

Things to Do October~December

  • If you like eating crab, head to the North Coast's Jinshan-Wanli area and order some of the fattest crabs of the year at restaurants right by the fishing harbors! New Taipei City Travel
  • Go hiking and appreciate the beauty of mountain slopes covered with silvergrass in Yangmingshan National Park
  • Head to Hsinchu County's Xinpu village for the persimmon harvest season. Persimmons are very delicious, and the bright-orange fruits drying on racks in the sun is an unforgettable sight. Hsinchu County Travel
  • Dried persimmon

    Dried persimmon

  • Silver Grass on Datun Mountain

    Silver Grass on Datun Mountain

Pingtung Harvest

There is a new cluster of shops selling indigenous crafts and art in Pingtung City, named Pingtung Harvest. Opened this year, the shops are located in a former military dependents' village to the north of Pingtung Railway Station. A project realized by Pingtung County's Department of Indigenous Peoples, this new indigenous-culture hotspot in the city gives visitors a chance to learn about the county's indigenous tribes and purchase some of their unique products. Facebook

Chaojing Aquarium in Keelung

When the world-class National Museum of Marine Science & Technology was opened in 2013, not only a modern state-of-the-art museum was established. At the same time, a former waste dump area on the peninsula just to the north of the museum was turned into a beautiful seaside park. One of this park's attractions is the Chaojing Ocean Center, run by the museum. This facility has recently been remodeled, and now includes the Chaojing Aquarium, a place where you can marvel at the wonders of marine life with the help of modern technology, such as immersive VR and AR displays. Website

Chaojing Park
Chaojing Park

Cartoon Artist Jimmy in Jiaoxi

If you've ever been outside Yilan Railway Station and walked through the Jimmy Park you'll be familiar with the cute sculptures created by famous local cartoon artist Jimmy Liao. There is now another park with more of his work in Yilan County, right beside the bus station in the well-known hot-spring town of Jiaoxi. This time Jimmy has focused on a bunch of mischievous rabbits enjoying their time in Jiaoxi, three of them indulging in a hot-spring soak, five others riding a teeter-totter. Website(Chinese)

Yilan Railway Station
Yilan Railway Station


Mostly mild and dry, the autumn season is known as the most comfortable period of the year in Taiwan, with perfect conditions for outdoor adventures like hiking in the island's amazing mountains and forests! Before heading out, however, always check the weather forecast on the website of the Central Weather Bureau.

Opening Soon

Here are some interesting major construction projects around Taiwan that are now approaching completion.

  • Taipei Performing Arts Center
    Location: Just outside MRT Jiantan Station in Taipei; construction to be completed 2021; projected opening July 2022.
  • Mitsui Outlet Park Tainan
    Location: Close to Tainan High Speed Rail Station; projected opening end of 2021.
  • SKM (Shinkong Mitsukoshi) Outlet Park Kaohsiung
    Location: Site of former Taroko Park near Kaohsiung Int'l Airport; projected opening early 2022.
  • Chengqing Lake Maze Garden
    Location: On southern side of Chengqing Lake in Kaohsiung City's Niaosong District; projected opening this year.

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