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2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival Ten Global Friendship Lantern Displays Creative designs from friends abroad!

Date:2022-02-16 Number of Visitors:905

The "2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival" represents a return to Kaohsiung of Taiwan's main lantern after a 20-year absence. The Weiwuying Metropolitan Park and Love River Bay will be the dual locations for this year's celebrations, and these are also home to two national-level art and cultural venues – the Weiwuying National Art and Cultural Center and the Kaohsiung Music Center. The exhibition area is the largest ever! This year's lantern festival will link two main lantern areas, symbolizing the successful integration of Kaohsiung County and City into one, and the resulting economic development and mutual benefits. The design is part of this year's festival theme of "Lights on the Spot."

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation & Communications has built a "Main Lantern Area" in Weiwuying Metropolitan Park. The displays combine traditional lantern craftsmanship with cross-disciplinary artistic and technological skills and capabilities. "Blessings in the Brilliant Flight of the Phoenix" is this year's main lantern, and "Taiwan Craftspeople," "Winds of Freedom," "Ecosphere," "Shared Happiness" and "Future Travels" are the themes of six major lantern areas. Of these, the "Joyful Together" area continues the tradition of inviting international friends to participate in the festivities. Ten overseas representatives will be joining this year's festival, coming from several localities in Japan as well as St. Christopher & Nevis and Belize. Amid the ups and downs created by the pandemic, we are happy to see that international exhibitors will still enthusiastically come to Taiwan to participate in the Taiwan Lantern Festival, which demonstrates the value of the Taiwan Lantern Festival as an important international lantern festival event. The international participants have creatively integrated their own special characteristics and traditions into their lantern displays. Although the people of Taiwan cannot easily travel abroad, they can have this international experience at home thanks to the wonderful international exhibits. A visit to the International Friendship Lantern Area is a wonderful and unique lantern experience.

  • WOW! Charming and Cool Nagoya

    WOW! Charming and Cool Nagoya

  • Hokkaido. Welcome to Sapporo

    Hokkaido. Welcome to Sapporo

  •  Peace of mind! Aomori Prefecture

    Peace of mind! Aomori Prefecture

  • Hometown of Washi (Japanese paper): Mino City, Gifu Prefecture

    Hometown of Washi (Japanese paper): Mino City, Gifu Prefecture

The International Friendship Lantern Area helps build international ties and friendship, and demonstrates the beauty of international exchanges. This area includes a display by Nagoya City that features the Nagoya Castle, one of the most popular sights in Japan. The lantern also highlights the wonderful foods of Nagoya, allowing the public to further enjoy the city's many charms. Another lantern comes from Sapporo City, Hokkaido. It combines many of Sapporo's interesting elements, and includes Kappa, the Jozankei Hot Spring mascot. The lantern features images of hot springs, ramen, beer and Yosakoi Soran dance performances. The wonderful display is sure to attract visitors to Hokkaido once the pandemic is over. The lantern from Aomori Prefecture features delicious Aomori apples. People will be able to fly direct to Aomori after the pandemic. Mino City, Gifu Prefecture presents exquisite lantern techniques using 100 handmade Mino washi paper lanterns. This ancient type of paper is recognized as an element of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The pure white of the paper reveals a soft halo, which is healing and warm. Kagawa Prefecture uses the 2022 Setouchi International Art Festival as its theme. This festival allows visitors to enjoy various types of contemporary art while traveling. Yamaguchi Prefecture presents a lantern on the theme of its many popular places, including the Motonosumi Inari Shrine, named by CNN as one of the 31 most beautiful places in Japan. Yamaguchi also features the beautiful Kakushima Bridge, and the largest limestone feature in Japan, Akiyoshidai. It is known as the "place of ties" as it is where the gods tend to gather. Kochi Prefecture's lantern is set against the background of Kochi Castle, which is the only castle in Japan that retains the castle tower and the main hall of Honmaru. Filled with beautiful cherry blossoms, Kochi welcomes tourists to visit once the pandemic has passed. The lantern display from St. Christopher & Nevis follows a carnival theme. It uses dazzling unique costumes to highlight the country's special features. Belize is a close friend of Taiwan in Central America. Its famous scenic spot, "The Great Blue Hole," is recognized as a world natural heritage site. The lantern reflects the tropical style of Belize, allowing everyone to enjoy a "Go Slow" type of lifestyle.

  • See you in Shikoku, Kagawa Prefecture - "Setouchi International Art Festival 2022"

    See you in Shikoku, Kagawa Prefecture - "Setouchi International Art Festival 2022"

  • Explore stunning views! Yamaguchi Prefecture

    Explore stunning views! Yamaguchi Prefecture

  • The Land of Bonding: Shimane, Japan

    The Land of Bonding: Shimane, Japan

  • Qingliu Gugo Shikoku Kochi Prefecture

    Qingliu Gugo Shikoku Kochi Prefecture

  • Carnival culture display and National Museum of Saint Kitts

    Carnival culture display and National Museum of Saint Kitts

  • Belize Blue Hole scenery

    Belize Blue Hole scenery

The Tourism Bureau endeavors to promote international exchanges and deepen international friendship through the Taiwan Lantern Festival, which combines traditional and innovative concepts. Taiwan is listed by many as a first-choice tourism destination once borders are opened. Taiwan has achieved great success in controlling the pandemic, and qualities such as friendliness, natural beauty and tasty foods are still here to attract visitors from around the world.

While viewing the lanterns, please don't forget the importance of pandemic prevention. Be sure to cooperate with the Kaohsiung City Government's "Taiwan Lantern Festival Epidemic Prevention Platform" and anti-pandemic measures at the exhibition venue as well as when on transport and other related locations. Before visiting the Lantern Festival, please register for the Lantern Festival code in advance. Anti-pandemic measures such as required wearing of masks and maintaining social distance will also be implemented throughout the festival.

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