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[Taiwan Tourism Events]Springtime!

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Exciting Events and Happenings

Because of the ongoing pandemic, festivals and events might be cancelled or postponed; please check official websites for confirmation.

April 25 ~ June 30 / Penghu County

Each year in spring and early summer, the Penghu International Fireworks Festival gives travelers an additional incentive to visit the beautiful Penghu archipelago before the hot summer months begin. The venue is the harbor of Magong, Penghu's only city. The reflections of the colorful fireworks on the waters of the harbor and the picturesque pedestrian Xiying Rainbow Bridge, plus live musical performances, make this evening extravaganza a highly memorable and romantic event. Shows take place Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, there will be one-off shows on Qimei Island (May 28), Wang'an Island (June 11), and Jibei Island (June 25).

  • Penghu International Fireworks Festival

    Penghu International Fireworks Festival

  • Beautiful Firework

    Beautiful Firework

April 22 ~ May 2 / Keelung City

Dark, wet, industrial…this was the image of Keelung City in the past. In recent times this harbor city to the northeast of Taipei City has been changing. In the same vein as its larger counterpart in the south, Kaohsiung, the city is slowly reimagining itself as a center of culture, modernity, and refinement. Public art is a unique way to beautify a cityscape and open visitors' eyes to lesser-known corners of an urban environment. Keelung Ciao, first held in 2015, has gradually been introducing art into Keelung, and by doing so introducing Keelung to visiting art lovers. The creations by local and foreign artists, sometimes placed in unusual spaces like on board a ship or inside an old shipyard, encourage you to explore and discover this history-rich city and its harbor area.

  • Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

    Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

  • Agenna Shipyard

    Agenna Shipyard

March ~ June / Taipei City

The residents of Taipei are blessed for having a magnificent national park right at their doorstep. In less than an hour you can get from the city center to the breezy mountains and deep forests of Yangmingshan by public transport and find yourself embraced by pristine nature. Part of the park is an agricultural area named Zhuzihu, sitting in the shadows of towering Mt. Datun. During spring and early summer two types of flowers, in succession, draw droves of visitors up to the fields of the area. First to bloom is the pure-white calla lily, and later comes the hydrangea, sporting shades of purple, blue, and pink. Part of the Zhuzihu experience is picking calla lilies yourself and sitting down in one of the restaurants to enjoy healthful meals made with local produce.

  • Calla Lily

    Calla Lily

  • Hydrangea


April 8~17 / Pingtung City

Dapeng Bay is a large lagoon in southwest Taiwan, just to the southeast of the harbor town of Donggang. Sheltered from the waters of the Taiwan Strait by a narrow strip of land, the lagoon is protected from the sea, but still windy enough to be excellent for watersports like sailing and windsurfing. This festival highlights all the many fun things you can do on and around the bay. There are, for example, sailboat regattas, yachting, SUP fun, and mangrove-forest kayaking. Cultural events take place around Binwan Wharf on the south bank of the lagoon.

  • Dapeng Bay Marine Festival

    Dapeng Bay Marine Festival

  • Pingtung DMO(Destination Marketing Organization)

    Pingtung DMO(Destination Marketing Organization)

April ~ May / Around Taiwan

The Hakka people in Taiwan, a Han Chinese minority group that immigrated to the island starting in the mid-17th century and often settled in hilly regions, especially those of northwest Taiwan, planted a large number of tung trees for commercial purposes during the Japanese colonial era (1895~1945). Today, the trees grow in the wild and, to the delight of hikers, bloom profusively in April and May, their snow-white blossoms covering tree branches and carpeting hiking trails. During the tung blossom season, numerous cultural events are held in celebration by Hakka communities in locations close to the forests.

  • Fenghuang Mountain Trail

    Fenghuang Mountain Trail

  • Hakka Tung Blossom

    Hakka Tung Blossom

March 26 ~ May 8 / Yilan County

Yilan County, situated in the northeast corner of Taiwan, is known for its agriculture – mostly on the triangular-shaped Lanyang Plain – and its forest-covered mountain areas – encompassing most of its western and southern parts. It's the perfect location for an exposition that highlights green tourism and protection of the natural environment. This expo is both an educational and fun affair, ideal for families with children, who will revel in adventurous activities such as ziplining, encounters with farm animals, and nature-themed DIY classes and games.

  • Theme Pavilion of the Castle of Hope(2021)

    Theme Pavilion of the Castle of Hope(2021)

  • Cloister of Whales(2021)

    Cloister of Whales(2021)

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