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The Guguan Visitor Center's Transformation into the Guguan Museum Wins an American Design Award

Date:2022-05-12 Number of Visitors:1395

The Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area's Guguan Visitor Center was transformed into the Guguan Museum last year. The new facility integrates natural ecology and artistic aesthetics. In 2022, the Center received a Silver Award in the Landscape category of the US-based MUSE Design Awards. Travelers are invited to visit Guguan to experience the museum's charms. The museum currently has a special program where visitors can design their own backpacks using silk prints, and bring them home.

The Guguan area has a unique beauty, and is well known for its combination of mountains, mists, rich ecological resources, hot spring foods and aboriginal culture.

The museum project was spurred on by the "PLUS 19 Taiwan Hot Spring Village" program, an initiative of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation & Communications. Its objectives include providing a showcase as well as context related to the area's tourism resources. The program also involved redesign of routes/signage, as well as things to see and do within the museum for visitors of all ages. Rest areas are available where visitors can enjoy a book and explore the Guguan hot spring area. The interior space of the visitor center was completely redesigned, as were the surrounding trails and associated facilities.

The MUSE Design Awards is an international design competition organized by the International Awards Associate (IAA). Its 10 design categories include architecture, as well as interior and landscape design. The new museum provides visitors with innovative design concepts and visual perspectives, while also highlighting key elements of Taiwan's hot spring culture. Its creative design stood out from thousands of entries from around the world, resulting in the Silver Award. This recognition will be of great help in promoting tourism to the "mountain city" of Guguan and its surrounding area.

  • Guguan Museum - Exterior

    Guguan Museum - Exterior

  • Exhibition Visitors

    Exhibition Visitors

  • Guguan Museum - Interior

    Guguan Museum - Interior

  • Guguan Museum Exhibition Hall

    Guguan Museum Exhibition Hall

- Photo provided by the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration

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