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Precautions for Cross-border Travel


Taiwan will keep preparing until the day we meet again




Individual passenger

1. Restrictions on Entering Taiwan
  1. All non-R.O.C. nationals (foreign nationals and people from Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China included) who hold a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) are allowed entry.
  2. Open entry purpose:
    (1) Foreign nationals may enter Taiwan for business activities including business visits, investment, fulfillment of contractual obligations, employment, volunteering, religious proselytization, religious doctrine study, internships, international exchanges, and working holidays (youth exchanges).
    (2) People from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao may enter Taiwan to fulfill contractual obligations or internal personnel transfers within multinational cooperation.

The following detailed entry qualifications are mainly based on the latest announcements of the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior: National Immigration Agency - Restrictions on Entering Taiwan (update time: 2022/09/12)

*Passengers testing positive for COVID-19 abroad must delay their flights to Taiwan for > 7 days from the specimen collection date to prevent cross-border transmission of the disease.
*Taiwan to reinstate visa-exempt entry for nationals of US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, countries in Europe, and diplomatic allies. Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Visa-Exempt Entry and Landing Visa


2. Required preparations

1. A personal mobile phone with access to internet.
2. A reservation confirmation for a quarantine hotel or residence meeting one-person-per-residence requirement.


3. Digital health declaration before boarding
Use your smartphone to make an online health declaration within 48 hours before your flight arrival time in Taiwan. Fill in your health status and travel history, which will help accelerate your customs clearance upon entry.
Please make sure that your mobile phone can send and receive text messages normally. You can access the Internet through the wireless WiFi provided by the airport or the international roaming function of your mobile phone, and then connect to the "Entry and Quarantine System" for declaration.

  • Enter the information in the relevant fields in the "Entry and Quarantine System" in order to complete the online declaration.
  • In order to carry out community electronic tracking and care, inbound passengers are requested to use a local (Taiwanese) phone company number on their personal mobile phone (1 person, 1 phone) to declare. If you do not have a Taiwan mobile phone number, please make a declaration with your roaming number at the departure point. When you arrive in Taiwan, you should purchase a SIM card with a Taiwan telecom phone number before entering Taiwan, and please enter the "Entry Quarantine System" within two hours after arriving in Taiwan.
Please present "Departure Declaration Proof" on the mobile phone screen indicating successful completion of the online declaration for confirmation by airline ground staff before check-in at the place of departure.
Upon arrival in Taiwan, the health declaration certificate will be sent to your mobile phone by text message. Show your health declaration certificate screen on your mobile phone for on-site quarantine personnel to check and clear customs.
Go to the designated place to collect 2 Covid screening rapid antigen tests (passengers over 2 years old) for future use.
(1) Take one rapid antigen test when any symptom appears during the quarantine period.
(2) Take the other one before going out for the first time during the self-health monitoring epidemic prevention period.
*From September 29, on-arrival saliva testing will be canceled, rapid test kits will be given to arrivals aged 2 and older by workers at international airports/ports upon arrival. The number of rapid tests to be provided for such a traveler will be increased from two to four.
Go to the designated place to complete a saliva-based PCR test. Do not eat or drink anything for 1 hour before the test.
If the test result is negative, please go directly to your pre-booked quarantine facility.
Transportations below are allowed:
  • Take a designated transport vehicle
  • Take the designated transport bus (free)
  • Picked up by friends, relatives, companies, or organizations
  • Drive yourself
The quarantine rule is for 1 person 1 residence(family members/co-occupants who enter the country on the same day can stay together in quarantine hotels, their own residence, or a residence of relatives/friends). Epidemic prevention rules require a 3-day home quarantine(1 person 1 residence) followed by 4 consecutive days of self-health monitoring(1 person 1 room) quarantine. Please refer to the "Entry and Home Quarantine" policy section of the Ministry of Health and Welfare website for detailed epidemic prevention regulations to be followed during the 3+4 quarantine epidemic prevention period.
*From September 29, an arrival may spend the three-day home quarantine and the four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention within the "one person per room" program. This rule means a single room used to undergo self-initiated epidemic prevention, in principle, should have a separate bathroom. If a residence for quarantine fails to meet the requirement of one person per room, the arrival can stay at a quarantine hotel but cannot stay at a general hotel.

If the test result is positive, please follow the instructions of the health unit for isolation or treatment at the designated place. The quarantined person needs to take 7 days of home care + 7 days of self-health monitoring. For the detailed epidemic prevention regulations to be followed during home care, please refer to the Ministry of Health and Welfare Guidelines for Home Care Management of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 (Chinese).


Instructions for passengers before arriving in Taiwan and clearance at the airport - English-Effecrtive from August 15, 2022
(Source: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control)

What to do if your COVID-19 rapid test is positive?


What to do when symptoms appear during quarantine
If you have suspected Covid symptoms during the quarantine period, please notify the staff of the epidemic prevention hotel first and conduct screening with a backup rapid test.

If the test is positive, do not go out. Please inquire about nearby "video clinics" and make an appointment by phone. Using the video clinic, doctors will evaluate and confirm the quick screening results, and assist with follow-up epidemic prevention measures. (For details, please refer to the CDC website(Chinese), which provides details on home quarantine, self-health monitoring and procedures to be followed if you have a positive rapid screening antigen test.)

If it is confirmed as being a case of Covid-19, please continue to isolate and follow relevant instructions from health authorities.



Symptoms while traveling in Taiwan
If you have suspected Covid symptoms while in Taiwan, please notify the hotel staff where you are staying for assistance. Rapid antigen tests can be purchased in local convenience stores and drugstores.

If the test is positive, please locate a nearby video clinic (you can dial 1922 extension #7 for English service, and a person will assist you in the inquiry). Make an appointment for physical/video diagnosis and treatment by telephone, and ask a doctor to assist you in evaluating and confirming the positive result of the rapid test.
COVID-19 Rapid Test Positive Results Evaluation Services(Chinese)

Precautions for physical/telephone medical visits:
1. The individual should write his or her name and the date he or she took the test on the rapid test cassette/strip after testing positive with a rapid test.
2. Take a photo of the rapid test cassette/strip.
3. If it is necessary to have a doctor confirm the test result at a clinic, the individual should put the test cassette/strip in a zipper bag or plastic bag and seal it tightly before taking it to the clinic.
4. The individual should present the positive result of the test cassette/strip when having a video or onsite consultation with a doctor.
5. The individual must wear a mask at all times when outside and must not take public transportation. The individual can seek medical help by driving himself/herself, riding a scooter or bike, walking, or getting a ride from a friend or family member (with both parties keeping their masks on at all times).


After the doctor's diagnosis is confirmed, a follow-up notification process will be carried out. Please follow the instructions of medical personnel or health units for home care or isolation treatment in quarantine hotels/households for 1 person or other designated places.

After being diagnosed, please notify your travel companions of your status. Additional rapid tests can be purchased if necessary.

Passengers can call the following toll-free consultation hotlines during their stay in Taiwan

  • Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline: 1922(For English service please dial 7)
  • Foreigners In Taiwan Hotline: 1990
  • Travel Information Hotline: 0800-011765
Last update time:2022-09-23
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