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[ Experience #1 ]

The Taipei Restaurant Bus

  • The double-decked Taipei Restaurant Bus provides the only Taiwan travel experience with an on-board restaurant. Explore Taipei in a glass-roofed dining car, taking in beautiful scenes along the way. The bus has two floors, with a 26-seat dining area on the upper level. The bus is equipped with TVs, a stereo system, wireless microphones and other equipment. It can also be used for special events, such as educational activities and conferences.

    TEL: +886-2-87916557
    Pickup site:MRT Taipei City Hall Sta. (Exit 3)
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[ Experience #2 ]

The Future Express Excursion Train

Special local ingredients are chosen for Taiwan Railway's (TRA) "Future Express" excursion train, which features no-menu meals, tea and wine. Traveling at a leisurely pace, this is a comfortable experience far from city crowds. The train stops at a variety of small stations, allowing travelers to discover and explore off the beaten path special attractions.

  • TEL: Taipei +886-2-8793-2899 |
  • Taichung +886-4-2415-9998 |
  • Kaohsiung +886-7-213-7945


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  • [ Experience #3 ]

    Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Pass

    The THSR Pass makes it easy to enjoy new travel experiences on this safe and comfortable railway.

    The preferential pass is for independent tourists traveling to Taiwan. It provides unlimited travel on THSR within a specific time frame, making it easy to travel to scenic spots.

    TEL: +886-2-40663000
  • For Use By Foreign Tourists
    The pass is exclusively for use by short-term inbound foreign tourists.
    3-Day Pass Flexible 2-Day Pass
    Adult NT2,200
    Child NT1,100
    Adult NT2,500
    Child NT1,250
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  • [ Scenic Attraction #1 ]

    Green Destinations Awards / Certification

  • In 2020, the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration was East Asia's first tourism entity to receive the "Green Tourism Destination - Gold Award." This recognized efforts to create a low-carbon environment while meeting diverse tourism needs. Then, in May 2022, the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration won the "Green Tourism Destination - Silver Award," recognizing the Administration's "Sun Moon Lake Good Neighbor Program." This program has three key elements: cup recycling, friendly tea experiences and GTS green stores. Both awards highlight efforts to promote sustainable development and in-depth travel.
  • [ Scenic Attraction #2 ]

    National Greenway

  • This tour follows in the pioneering steps of the ancestors, highlighting the rich natural landscape, multi-ethnic cultures, and the rise and fall of industries. It allows people to deeply experience these destinations in an in-depth manner.

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[ Scenic Attraction #3 ]

An Array of Bicycle Routes

A wide range of cycling routes are available for travelers; these are suitable for different needs and preferences. The choices include 16 multi-segment routes, as well as 6 major route types: 1) Coastal 2) Riverside, 3) Rural, 4) Round-the-mountain, 5) High Mountain and 6) Offshore Islands. Visitors can plan half-day, one-day or multi-day rides, depending on interest and capabilities. Cycling has become a national activity enjoyed by all ages. It's not only healthy, but also provides a low-carbon way to roam Taiwan and experience the beauty of this island!
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