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New Attractions, New Things To Do

[Experience #1 Local culture activities ]

(1) The Songboling Visitor Center - Tea Culture Pavilion


The Songboling Visitor Center in the Sanshan National Scenic Area (Nantou County) was received silver awards for interior design in 2022 at both the French Novum Design Awards and US MUSE Design Awards.

The Center’s Tea Culture Pavilion has a unique "Six Senses of Tea Tasting" area that focuses on the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch and consciousness when drinking tea. Also, a Tea Spa not only moisturizes the face but also fills the heart with a deep warmth.

(2) The Dharma Luan Cultural Troupe Theater - a unique singing performance

This theater is in the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. The troupe has members from the Tannan, Dili and Shuanglong aboriginal groups in Nantou County’s Xinyi Township. The troupe takes innovative approaches to their community’s music and dance cultures. Their “natural chorus” is a unique style of singing. Performances are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

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(3) Tsou Tribal Gathering in the Park - aboriginal song and dance events

Opened in 2022, the Tsou Veoveoana Cultural and Creative Park lies near the entrance to the Alishan National Scenic Area. It highlights the tribal inheritance of Tsou culture and skills. It also enhances the tourism offerings along the main road in Alishan. Song and dance performances are conducted daily at set times in the park's Yokeoasu Theater.

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[ Experience #2 ] The Taipei Restaurant Bus

  • The double-decked Taipei Restaurant Bus provides the only Taiwan travel experience with an on-board restaurant. Explore Taipei in a glass-roofed dining car, taking in beautiful scenes along the way. The bus has two floors, with a 26-seat dining area on the upper level. The bus is equipped with TVs, a stereo system, wireless microphones and other equipment. It can also be used for special events, such as educational activities and conferences.

    TEL: +886-2-87916557
    Pickup site:MRT Taipei City Hall Sta. (Exit 3)
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  • [ Experience #3 ] Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Pass

    The THSR Pass makes it easy to enjoy new travel experiences on this safe and comfortable railway.

    The preferential pass is for independent tourists traveling to Taiwan. It provides unlimited travel on THSR within a specific time frame, making it easy to travel to scenic spots.

    TEL: +886-2-40663000
  • For Use By Foreign Tourists
    The pass is exclusively for use by short-term inbound foreign tourists.
    3-Day Pass Flexible 2-Day Pass
    Adult NT2,200
    Child NT1,100
    Adult NT2,500
    Child NT1,250
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  • [ Scenic Attraction #1 Sustainable tourism]

    (1) Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields

  • The Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields are in Tainan City within the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. In 2022, it was recognized with many awards, including the Gold Award in the Asia-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards. The fields are the oldest surviving salt fields in Taiwan. Not only is this historic location preserved, but so are its salt-drying methods that have been used there for more than a hundred years. This area promotes the preservation and understanding of salt-drying culture through activities such as environmental education courses.

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  • (2)Guishan Island

  • Guishan Island lies off the northeast coast of Yilan County in the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. Its tourism load management system was selected as one of the 2022 " Green Destinations Top 100 Stories " The island is one of Taiwan's active volcanoes, and it has a variety of geological landscapes. The surrounding sea area is rich in marine resources. The plants on the island have diverse characteristics, and reflect those found in tropical, subtropical, warm temperate and temperate zones. The island has retained its natural beauty, even through a period of military control.

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  • (3)Sun Moon Lake

  • Sun Moon Lake has been selected three times for the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories" This year's theme is reducing plastics at the source. Since last June, efforts have been introduced that include a recycled cup borrowing system and environmentally-friendly tea serving operations. Three self-return stations and 16 free return stores provide tourists with alternatives to traditional beverage containers and promote sustainable development.

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  • (4)Heping Island

  • Heping Island lies within the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area. It won the "2022 National Sustainable Development Award" for an effort entitled "Public-Private Cooperation: International Sustainable Tourism Island Project." Based on the concept of "conservation first, education and academic research second, and business last," the management office reached a consensus with local operators to turn Heping Island Park into an "international sustainable tourism island," and agreed on a course of cooperation in order to ensure that Heping Island Park continues to thrive.

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  • (5)Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley

  • The Purple Spotted Butterfly is the world's only overwintering butterfly. This species, special geological terrain and aboriginal cultural experiences are just a few of the environmental education highlights in the Maolin National Scenic Area. In 2022, the area won the "National Environmental Education Award." Butterfly viewing activities are held annually from December to March. Online reservations for butterfly viewing are accepted for holidays.

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[ Scenic Attraction #2 New check-in points ]

(1) Pengcun Wetland "Earth Worker"

The Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area is a new and relatively undiscovered place for healing and comfort. Come to the Peng Village Wetland to commune with the "creator" and enjoy the tranquility together.

The Pengcun Wetland is located at the junction of Donggang Township and Linbian Township, Pingtung County. It contains former military camps that have not been disturbed by humans for many years. The park retains a primitive and quiet natural landscape. Chen Yu-Liang, an internationally-recognized artist, created the water installation art "Earth Worker," providing a sense of tranquility to the environment and a feeling that time is standing still.

(2) Zhilan Sea Viewing Platform

Opened in 2021, the "Zhilan Park Sea Landscape Platform" is a beautiful walkway that extends into the sea. It’s near the Shuangwan bicycle path in the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area. When you come to the Qianshuiwan Seaside Park, you can cycle, feel the fresh breeze, watch the sun set and enjoy coffee or afternoon tea at specialty stores in the Qianshuiwan business district.

[ Scenic Attraction #3 ] An Array of Bicycle Routes

A wide range of cycling routes are available for travelers; these are suitable for different needs and preferences. The choices include 16 multi-segment routes, as well as 6 major route types: 1) Coastal 2) Riverside, 3) Rural, 4) Round-the-mountain, 5) High Mountain and 6) Offshore Islands. Visitors can plan half-day, one-day or multi-day rides, depending on interest and capabilities. Cycling has become a national activity enjoyed by all ages. It's not only healthy, but also provides a low-carbon way to roam Taiwan and experience the beauty of this island!

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  • [ Scenic Attraction #4 ] National Greenway

  • This tour follows in the pioneering steps of the ancestors, highlighting the rich natural landscape, multi-ethnic cultures, and the rise and fall of industries. It allows people to deeply experience these destinations in an in-depth manner.

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