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[ Scenic Attraction #1 Sustainable tourism ]

Haomeiliao Nature Reserve

The Haomeiliao Nature Reserve is located in the Haomeili area of Budai Township, Chiayi County. Since two rivers, the Bajang River and the Longgong River, meet here, the area has a very diverse landscape, from lagoons and wetlands to beaches and mangrove forests, this ecological environment attracts a variety of creatures to feed and inhabit here. It also serves as a relay point for migrating birds from East Asia and New Australia.

Visitors can watch waterfowl and observe the activities of the wetland plants and animals here. Standing on the embankment, you can clearly see the mangrove forest and traces of the waterfowl can be found everywhere. Whether it is the egrets feeding in the wetland or the gray herons and the black drongos soaring in the sky, all of which are beautiful scenery that birdwatchers cannot miss.

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[ Scenic Attraction #2 New check-in points ]

(1) Jesus Church

The Lishan Jesus Church is in the Lishan Scenic Area. It sits at a commanding altitude of 2,011 meters, making it the highest church in Taiwan. After renovations in 2003 and 2019, it has been re-opened to the public and is now a popular and romantic check-in attraction. The church can be rented for weddings. This striking European-style building rests high in the mountains. Twelve camellias have been planted near the entrance, six each on the left and right sides. These represent the twelve disciples of Jesus. The church, surrounded by mountains and a sea of clouds, offers breathtakingly beautiful scenes.

(2) 1314 Observation Deck

The site for shooting a well-known TV commercial for tea, 360-degree panorama of the tea fields, a good spot for watching the Alishan, Chiayi County sunrise.

Guanri (sun-watching) Peak is the summit of an altitude of 1,311m , On a good day, you can see from the pavilion on Guanri Peak, Caoling Dabong Mountain towards the east, and Ruifeng Village towards the south. At night you can enjoy the night view of Chiayi city center.

(3) Eryanping Trail

Xiding has 3 beautiful attractions: Tea Garden Trail, Sea of Clouds and Cloud Falls, and Eryanping Sunset. Eryanping Trail captures all these beautiful scenery. There are bamboo forest, strange rock formations and tea garden along the way. It also overlooks the Chiayi-Tainan Plain, Renyitan Dam and Lantan Reservoirs. When the weather is nice, you can also see Dongshi and the outer edge of Budai Harbor in the distance. To the east are the Yushan mountain ranges in the distance. In the winter, there’s a chance you’ll see cloud falls and sea of clouds. The beautiful sunset attracts many photographers to make special trips here to take pictures.

(4) Zhongxin Sentinel

Located at the Heping Community (also known as Parayapay by the locals) of Luye Township, Zhongxin Sentinel is at a high point where the Luye River and Beinan River converge. The view is expansive and one can even overlook the surroundings, including Mt. Dulan and Mt. Baizinan. Luye River bridge was used to patrol the section between Luye Station and Shanli Station to protect railway transport safety in the past.In 1978, Taiwan Railway Administration carried out the railway widening work for the Taitung line and officially abandoned Zhongxin Station in 1982. As a result, Zhongxin Sentinel was abolished. Now it has become a private attraction for railway fans as well as the rest stop for cyclists traveling around Luye Township.

[ Experience #1 ] Taiwan Tourist Shuttle half-price discount


The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle provides local and foreign tourists with direct and convenient bus connections to scenic spots. In the wake of borders reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic, the service aims to make people comfortable again using public transport. They also to attract more tourists from near and far. To help achieve these goals, a "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Half-Price Discount" program has been launched. Between May 20, 2023 and August 31, 2025, riders on eligible routes can enjoy half-priced fares if they use electronic tickets (including mobile payments). Visitors can enjoy lower prices as they experience Taiwan's tourism highlights. At present, the discounts can be used on 57 routes in the system, and the number of participating routes will continue to increase. All are welcome to enjoy Taiwan's beautiful scenery using the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.

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[ Experience #2 ] Now is the time to explore Taiwan –
the Taiwan Tour Bus offers a special “two ride together, one rides for free” promotion

Tour Bus illustration

Now is the time to explore Taiwan – the Taiwan Tour Bus offers a special “two ride together, one rides for free” promotion. The Taiwan Tour Bus provides independent travelers with pick-up and drop-off services to popular attractions from major hotels and transport hubs (such as at airports and within the Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taiwan Railways systems). The promotion is available through December 31, 2023. This “two for one” program was launched in conjunction with six themed itineraries: (1) health and healing, (2) cultural highlights, (3) internet celebrity check-in spots, (4) topical activities, (5) tribal cultural experiences and (6) “secret site” exploration. Groups of 1-4 people can travel together on these itineraries. Travelers on these tours enjoy an in-depth tourism experience in Taiwan. Reservations can be made on the Taiwan Tour Bus website or through participating travel agencies. Reservations should be made at least three days prior to departure (five days for outlying island excursions).

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[ Experience #3 ] The Taipei Restaurant Bus

  • The double-decked Taipei Restaurant Bus provides the only Taiwan travel experience with an on-board restaurant. Explore Taipei in a glass-roofed dining car, taking in beautiful scenes along the way. The bus has two floors, with a 26-seat dining area on the upper level. The bus is equipped with TVs, a stereo system, wireless microphones and other equipment. It can also be used for special events, such as educational activities and conferences.

    TEL: +886-2-87916557
    Pickup site:MRT Taipei City Hall Sta. (Exit 3)
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[ Experience #4 ] Fly Cruise service at Penghu

Fly cruise packages combine flight, sea cruises and land-based itineraries. They provide a good option for travelers who want to explore different destinations using multiple travel modes. On September 5, 2023, Penghu for the first time became a cruise homeport when the ship “Penghu Cruise” began providing service between Penghu’s capital of Makong and Kaohsiung. Different grades of cabins are available, as well as overnight sleeper berths. Travelers can travel to Penghu on the Penghu Cruise. However, another option is to fly to Penghu, explore the archipelago, and then travel to Kaohsiung aboard the Penghu Cruise to continue their trip.
(Photos: Penghu County Government)

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[ Experience #5 ] Kaohsiung Night Tour – Selected Night Routes in the Yawan District Recommended itinerary

Kaohsiung is filled with the atmosphere of the sea. Recent projects in Kaohsiung’s “Asian New Bay area” have added many new things to see. Strolling along Kaohsiung Harbor at night, one can enjoy amazing colors that emanate from artistic buildings, the lights of the city reflecting on the water, and the feelings created by the sea. The atmosphere is humanistic, quiet, and romantic.

Experience the newest way to explore the Love River by taking an exotic gondola ride, and enjoy the beauty of Kaohsiung’s night views from different points on the river. The Kaohsiung Pop Music Center, located in Love River Bay, is a particularly beautiful site at night. Its modern avant-garde architectural appearance is a must-see attraction. Pier-2 is full of enthusiasm and vitality during the day, and full of romance and surprises at night.

The Great Harbor Bridge is Taiwan’s first horizontally rotating bridge. This gleaming white bridge is popular with photographers, both day and night. Every Friday and Saturday night one can enjoy an opening and closing rotation show. In addition, Zhan Erku is an emerging cultural and creative base in the harbor area. It brings together Taiwanese craftsmen and representatives from many Taiwanese brands. The Great Harbor Bridge, the Pier-2 Art Center and Zhan Erku are all very popular spots for tourists.

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[ Experience #6 ] Shenshan Tribal Cooking School

Shenshan Tribal Cooking School is located in Shenshan community in Wutai Village and can be found along the Provincial Highway 24. Enveloped by clouds all year round, this rustic area looks like it was made in heaven. The Tribal Cooking School is first of its kind and guides visitors to learn about ingredients at the farms. Come and feel the charms of the indigenous tribes starting from their foods, and enjoy picking ingredients and cooking at this Cooking School.

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Visitors are recommended to stay for at least 3 hours at the Cooking School and to make prior appointment with the community development association before the trip.
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