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Christmas, New Year, and More

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Exciting Events and Happenings During the Winter

Christmasland In New Taipei City

Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Govt.

Christmasland In New Taipei City
November 11 ~ January 2 / New Taipei City
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Where can you experience a happy big dose of Christmas spirit in Taipei come December? While in Western countries Christmas is for many the most important festival of the year, in Taiwan, where followers of the Christian faith make up only about 4.5% of the population, it is naturally of lesser importance. There is, however, one big-time Christmas-themed event, Christmasland in New Taipei City's Banqiao District. The center of attention each year is a giant artificial Christmas tree, illuminated with a sophisticated light and imagery show. Each year, the façade of the New Taipei City government building serves as a gigantic canvas for an entertaining animation show.

Chiayi City International Band Festival

Photo courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Chiayi City International Band Festival
December 16 ~ January 1 / Chiayi City
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After more than three decades of effective management and great performances, the Chiayi City International Band Festival has become the most time-honored city carnival in Taiwan. It not only highlights and builds upon Chiayi's rich cultural heritage, but it also provides a platform upon which the city can demonstrate its unique charm to the world. The arts adorn the seasons in Chiayi City, filling the municipality with enchantment, joy and beautiful music. In addition to the festival, local schools have been active in developing many band music classes and clubs. They have increasingly engaged in exchanges with leading foreign bands and symphonies, helping to further promote musical culture in Chiayi. This has helped transform the city into a premier destination for music enthusiasts, as well as a marvelous place to enjoy a wonderful cultural atmosphere.

Yuejin Lantern Festival

Photo courtesy of Tainan City Govt.

Yuejin Lantern Festival
January ~ February / Tainan City
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The small town of Yanshui (old name: Yuejin), in Tainan City, is best known for the annual Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival. The Yuejin Lantern Festival, lesser known but equally attractive, is a beautiful and much more peaceful affair. Visitors can go on romantic walks through a park area and marvel at colorful and beautifully shaped lanterns floating peacefully on the waters of the town's river. Each year the festival provides artists with a stage for showcasing highly creative and tastefylly illuminated installation art. In 2018, the event was recognized for its design, winning a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Season of Purple Butterfly In Maolin

Photo courtesy of Taipei City Govt.

Taipei New Year's Eve Party
December 31 / Taipei City
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Around the world, the New Year's Eve end of the year is celebrated with a countdown and fireworks, and Taiwan is no exception. The most spectacular of these pyrotechnic shows on the island is without a doubt the one that makes the sky-reaching Taipei 101 tower erupt in a sea of sparkling and exploding lights. The fireworks display is accompanied by a high-tech LED display on one of the giant faces of the city's towering landmark. Throughout the evening lead-up to the spectacular, the crowds are entertained by some of the best-known and most popular local music artists.

Taipei New Year's Eve Party

Photo courtesy of Maolin NSA Admin.

Season of Purple Butterfly In Maolin
October ~ February / Kaohsiung City
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There are larger and more beautiful butterlies than the ones of the euploea genus, also commonly known as crows because of their dark colors, but when they gather in large numbers to spent the winter in southern Taiwan, they are a sight to behold. The largest concentrations can be found in the Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley inside Maolin National Scenic Area. Butterfly lovers come in large numbers as well, eager to find the Striped Blue Crow, Double-Branded Black Crow, Dwarf Crow, Euploea Eunice, and even the Chestnut Tiger. Visit the Maolin Visitor Center to find helpful information about the butterflies before going on the trails and see them in the wild.

Taipei Marathon

Photo courtesy of Taipei City Govt.

Taipei Marathon
December 18 / Taipei City
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Just a few days before Christmas, which in Taipei means mild temperatures that are perfect for road running, the Taipei Marathon takes place in the heart of the capital. This is for many local athletes the highlight of the annual race calendar, and entry slots can be hard to come by, with the number of participants in the full marathon limited to 9,000 runners; 19,000 are allowed to run the half-marathon. The races start and end at Taipei City Hall, with the route following along some of the city's main thoroughfares.

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