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The 2023 "Taiwan Cycling Paradise B" to be launched on the ROUVY online platform

Date:2023-02-06 Number of Visitors:621

Cycle unlimited by weather, time and space! This spring, the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, will host the 2023 Taiwan Cycling Paradise B virtual reality competition on the ROUVY online international cycling platform. Challenge yourself by taking on routes that traverse the north coast , the east coast, Yushan National Park, sandy shores, rock-strewn coasts and mountains! (ROUVY campaign link) During the event, top riders on three routes will be awarded electronic badges and custom jerseys. All are welcome to join the challenge!

The North Coast route starts at Jhongjiao Beach, a well-known international surfing site. It then follows the sandy coastline to Cianshuei Bay. The East Coast route begins on the Pacific coast at the Fumioka Geopark (Xiaoyeliu) with its fascinating rocks, and then follows the coastline to Paong'ong Coast. The Yushan National Park route challenges one's endurance as it ascends the mountain from an altitude of 500 meters to 2,612 meters.

  • Route 1: North Coast | Taiwan 23.5K
  • Route 2: East Coast | Taiwan 38K
  • Route 3: Yushan National Park (Tatajia Hill Climb) 51.6K

To provide an opportunity for a mass global event, this activity will include a group synchronized start at 8:00 pm Taiwan time on February 12, 2023. We invite all cyclists to participate in this special online event (competition participation Web page link). Join us so that we can enjoy these wonderful Taiwan cycling routes together!

All you need to do is register using a ROUVY account, and then you can ride the virtual routes without any worries about the weather! From February 2-22, we welcome all riders to challenge themselves and cyclists from around the world on these exciting Taiwan routes!

  • Taiwan Cycling Paradise B

    Taiwan Cycling Paradise B

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