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The Tourism Bureau invited American travel influencer Drew Binsky and his wife to visit Taiwan to create their own Taiwan stories

Date:2023-03-16 Number of Visitors:386

Drew Binsky, an American travel influencer with millions of followers, and his wife came to Taiwan for a 5-day trip. They experienced Taiwan's colorful and unique culture, and will share their Taiwan journey on social media.

The Binskys experienced Taiwan's night market culture and tasted a variety of Taiwanese food. They also went to Pingtung to visit the Paiwan people and four other aboriginal groups to immerse themselves in the culture of Taiwan’s aboriginal communities. This included sampling their cuisine and learning about their lifestyles, traditional clothing and architecture, aided by discussions with elders and experts in these fields.

We invite everyone to visit the "New Attractions, New Things To Do" page on the Tourism Bureau’s website. You can also use the Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass to travel easily from north to south in Taiwan. During the Binskys’ stay in Taipei, they also visited the famous hot springs of Beitou to enjoy a comfortable hot spring bath and experience the romance of Taiwan. In the end, they will create a 20-minute video, which they will post on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Reel.

Tourism Bureau Director-General Chang Shi-Chung said that the visit by the Binskys, who have traveled to 197 countries, will help to share Taiwan’s beautiful scenery and rich culture with people from around the world. The video will help more people learn about the unique style and charm of Taiwan, attracting even more international travelers to this land.

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