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Silks Place Hotel, Taroko

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There are huge windows, and good lighting. You are away from the city hubbub, walk back and forth in the Taroko dreamy landscape, and enjoy the release of body and soul completely for perfect holiday. Offers Chinese and Western restaurants, 【Wellesley Restaurant】 rich and diverse Western Parkway. Offers indoor and patio dining area, dining space surrounded by the mountains to meet your advocating healthy original taste and visual double feast.Use geographical naming 【Meishan Chinese Restaurant】offers Chinese package meal includes two VIP rooms for dinners, banquets purposes, using local ingredients to create Guangdong and Taiwanese flavors delicacies.Your trip is accompanied by beautiful scenery. We can assist you in planning various indoor and outdoor trips to allow travelers to release accumulated pressures and improve the physical and spiritual gains. 【Recommended Attractions】 Michelin Green Guide (Le Guide Vert) 3-Star Attractions in "Michelin Green Guide Taiwan Chapter," Taroko won Michelin Overall three stars, including Xiangde Temple, Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) Trail, and Taroko Gorge, and are all included in three stars Recommended. Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) Trail, Shakadang, and Qinshui Cliff are also blessed by Michelin star. The book introduces the timeless scenery of Taroko at greater length, and numerous attractions are worth visiting. ★ Shakadang Trails To explore the mysterious four seasons ecological classroom (This trail is expected to open by the end of 2012). Shakadang Trail was originally called "Mystery Valley," which is a rear hydrophilic trail in Taroko. The Valley has a lush jungle. The Trail cut along the Shakadang River marble cliff in Shakadang hewn marble cliffs on the trail, in March and April with fireflies, May have tung flowers, six, seven, in August at the ice front feet, September and October of the mountain landscape, in winter enjoy too Taroko winter landscape year-round views of the natural landscape and the annual number of clear green streams. Swallow ★ ★ approachable trail walking trails longitudinal bending towering canyons and winding cave, long years in the marble cliffs carved out deep and majestic cliffs cliffs, valleys Agnes Fly With naturally formed potholes nesting neighbors, Swallow it has the name of the bridge along the highway to the mother along the way, presented in front of thousands of years of erosion and the formation of a natural river carved marble towering canyons, have to praise the Creator talent. ★ ★ sea cliff water Suhua Road Trail southernmost Private secret link Ilan and Hualien waterfront road, "Shimizu cliff" is the entire Suhua Highway most beautiful places, cliff almost at right angles, from sea level towering into the sky, up to 1,200 meters, is the world's rare "Sea Cliff."Can not only see the sky and sea views, but also Liao Wang Liwu Hualien plains and the sea, the beautiful scenery is impressive. Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail ★ ★ ★ win gold with water adventures in life (This trail is not currently open) along Liwu cut canyons, forming the curved corridor, past the gold mining trails road signs can be seen at the edge of the cliff into the Tunnel of Nine Turns, the sights are blocked out, saw only canyons and cliffs, as well as between the curved mountain road, the road being embedded in the rock cliffs curved extension roundabout, along with the bottom waves become too Lu Court canyon scenery most beautiful section. Cheung Tak Temple ★ ★ ★ stealth path into the mountains Intertek Intertek can see Cheung Tak Temple is located at the other side of the Liwu high ground, antique temples clock tower, surrounded by mountains, and Silks Place English hotel next door, the world's tallest standing proudly in gilded glow Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Lan Ying, the guardian of the Taroko piece of pure land on earth, and the temple area can Buddha, but also long-term perspective, boarded located only 5 minutes from the Cheung Tak Temple, Intertek river terraces and canyon views each base immediately greeted. -------------------------------------------------- ---- coexist with landscape Poplar Trail Trail Trail trip is about 2.1 km, along a waterfall, bridge, rock moss stream, tunnels, canyons, etc., eight tunnels located where some lucky bat tunnel built habitat here, fool's gold hidden in caves honor bloom in spring and summer in the visible color disc flying over the valley, autumn and winter color leaf plant red mountains, poetic.Stepped out of the fifth tunnel oncoming sights, Poplar waterfall hanging on the Mount, as if it were a beautiful name "Las Daou" for Taroko people "cliff" meaning, that is the great gap between the level seen double waterfalls, such as Juan silky sway between the mountains; Trails another one surprise - Shui Liandong, is not a natural form of the landscape, but Taipower year in Block 8 of tunnel excavation, accidentally dug water vein off, the underground springs spilling down from the top of the tunnel, forming water showering special landscape scenes. Wenshan Hot Springs trails and streams, the cool season, the most suitable to visit colorful Taroko Gorge trail Looking back, listening to the sounds of nature advance, visit the trails in the most natural hot springs and streams "Wenshan Hot Springs" listening streams sound, feel the earth nourishing warmth.This trail is located in the highway between Intertek and Westwood, close to a large tributary of the Liwu River Shaxi, about two kilometers from Intertek.Wenshan Hot Springs is a carbonated spring water from the large sandy riverbank rock faces emerge gap formed about 4 ° C water temperature 38 degrees is unique within the Taroko National Park hot springs and streams.The attraction of Wenshan Hot Springs in that you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing amid the mountains and the water. Beside the hot springs, brook stream flows without stopping, a little while bathing, a little while jumping into the river, an exciting natural Sauna to stimulate natural sauna memorable.

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972No.18, Tianxiang, Fushi Village, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 972, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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