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Lohas gallery long stay hostel(Shihding)

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Taiwan Reishi Expert Bed & Breakfast combines comfortable accommodation with the power of crystals to create an alternative travel experience. Shiding Model Farm provides local specialty foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and herbs, along with education in raising fungi, professional guided tours, mineral energy healing, and a collection of ancient jewels and artifacts on display. Located in Shiding, Taipei, it is the only place in northern Taiwan offering personal reishi training alongside accommodation and healthy food, thus providing a full service for body and soul. Stepping into the bed & breakfast, you’ll feel the energy and the power of reiki for yourself, and you’ll soon understand the philosophy of healthy recreation, quality eating, and reishi of the owners. At the same time, why not take the chance to enjoy country life, take a bike ride, pick some herbs, or just let your hair down and relax!

Travel Information

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223No.52-1, Shihbachong Si, Shihding District, New Taipei City 223, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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