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Er Quan Hu Pan Ka Fei Homestay

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The B&B's Website: http://037603158.okgo.tw The innkeeper couple originally wanted to find a favorite place for their own permanent residence. Through searching, they came to Emei Lake, was attracted by the beautiful waters and hills, and found their ideal place here. The construction of Erquan Lakeside Café had spent six years since the design until the completion. The building is situated on the water that connects to the lake, as if it was built on the lake. It was designed with a modern style and constructed with exposed concrete mold to better blending itself with the natural scenery. The exposed concrete renders the building with the characteristics belonging to Erquan Lakeside, which is an introverted attitude to not stick out. We use a lot of glasses and a modern way on related designs also.

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315No.21-6, Shi’erliao, Emei Township, Hsinchu County 315, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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