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Gong Guan Shi Zi Hong Le Homestay

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Welcome to "Gong Guan Shi Zi Hong Le Homestay". Some friends visited at the season of persimmon ripening but had no idea of where to go. They decided to visit the persimmon drying factory and the guests were amazed at the peeled, brilliant orange persimmons. Everyone had fun and shared their excitement with more people with photos filled with smiles. The host noticed that people may not remember Gong Guan as a town in Miaoli, but the ripe persimmon is a good reminder, and that's why it is named so. The most exciting for a homestay host not only includes a relatively carefree life, but the smiles, photo-taking and sharing of visitors, that is, the host finds the sense of achievement in making his guests' trips meaningful. The homestay itself is featured with seasonal flora, ecological diversity, healthy vegetable meals, as well as coffee and snacks. This is the best place to look for in-depth travel experience in Miaoli! If you have the time, Mr. and Mrs. Liu will take you to several fa

Travel Information

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363No.21, Fude, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County 363, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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