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Tong Yan Tong Yu Hua Yang Homestay

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Nanzhuang Homestay - Tong Yan Tong Yu Hua Yang Homestay  You can have a panoramic view of the green hills and blue water at Penglai, Nanzhuang. It takes 5 minutes to the Fish Watching Trail or 15 minutes to Nanzhuang Old Street. When sun rays cut through the trees and makes the dew drops on every blade and branch sparkle, and the gurgling river shimmers in the Nanzhuang woods, it will lift your mood and restore your soul. Tong Yan Tong Yu Hua Yang Homestay is surrounded by towering woods. The gurgling river and the singing bird beside the Penglai River are the most wonderful music. Amid the wholesome phytocides, I walked into an open space in the forest, a peaceful patio shaded by an umbrella of lush foliage. It turned out to be the breakfast site prepared by the owner. The coffee fragrance reminded me that I should cut short my morning walk to enjoy the enticing breakfast. Ah! Life should be spent on beautiful things! Tong Yan Tong Yu Hua Yang Homestay in Nanzhuang is a legal h

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353No.8-18, Si’erfen, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County 353, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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