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Fei Ying Homestay

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Firefly Farm is located on the hillside at the junction of the protected forest and the upstream of Nanshi River in Fuxing Village, Tongsiao Township, surrounded by the green hills in three directions. A babbling brook flows across the valley and slowly passes through the front of the house. A courtyard covered with floral. It is a typical quiet Sanhe Yuan farmhouse. Firefly Farm offers visitors the activities including watching fireflies, listening to birds, tea and chat, swimming and playing with water. It is the best place to enjoy the countryside snacks in an arranged vacation. Covered with wetlands around the park, the place is rich in fireflies during the annual spring season. At night, mountains and waters, in front of the house and behind the house, are dotted with charming flickering fireflies; therefore the name "Firefly Farm." Located halfway up the mountain, it is a clean environment with minimal pollution, so every year from March to November you can enjoy Luciola ficta

Travel Information

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357No.126, Fuxing, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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