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Moon Lake House Inn

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Moon Lake House Inn, B&B, Introduction Xinshe is the largest fluvial terraces in Taiwan. Ten thousand years ago, the activities of human beings had already existed here, and a century ago Bai-Len Canal was constructed here, a considerable feat of irrigation works at the time. The climate is cool and comfortable, and the best breeds of mushrooms, Loquat, grapes, and Oncidium grow here; pleasant scenery, convenient transportation, floral festivals year after year, and attractions everywhere, here is the Yangmingshan in Taichung. Mon Lake House Inn, B&B, is located on the side of Moon Lake Fluvial Terrace, facing Dongshih on the opposite side of Dajia River, having vast horizons, extending peaks of Mt. Hengling, Mt. Yuanzui, Mt. Shaolai, Mt. Xiaoxue are presenting in front of you. In the night, bugs chirp and frogs chant, and Taiwan No. 8 Line looks like Galaxy with lights on. It is hard to imagine that here is just one km from Xinshe downtown, and we have the convenience of a city and th

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426No.38,68Lane ,2 Sec.Dongfu St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 42643, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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