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Shi Shang Qingquan Homestay

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Rock Springs B&B After the rain, the mountains are empty / After the evening, the weather turns cold. / Moonlight penetrates the pine trees, / water flow over rocks. / When bamboos make noise, it is the sign of washerwomen returning home. / Lotus waves, we know someone is going down the boat. / Spring is leaving, leisurely, I am contented, and here I stay. / ~ Mountain Autumn Evening by Wang Wei. Because we like the artistic mood of the poem, so the B&B named Rock Springs B&B (Shí Shàng Qīng Quán). It is located in Taumi, Puli, a Japanese-style building with silver roof and clear white walls, surrounded by green mountains. Here has pure spring, fresh air, blue sky, and beautiful wide views of idyllic. Quietly enjoying the beautiful scenery in the garden in the afternoon, as if everything's time is slowing down. At night, go to the bathing house to take a good bath washing slumbering mind. After that have a drink at the pub or izakaya with a few friends to relax. Woke up in the

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545No.39, Taomi Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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