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Lin House HomeSta

“Xiao Bang Tien Lin House HomeStay” is located at theXiao Bang Tien Branch (Xiao Bang Tien Homestay) of Xitou Scenic Line (Xitou Homestay). It is only 15 minutes of driving distance to Xitou Forestry Park (The Monster Village Homestay) and 50 minutes to Shan Lin Xi Forestry Park. Feeling drained by the busy city life? Make use of the weekend to come here and hsake off the fatigue accumulated over the week. Take a vacation at “Xiao Bang Tien Lin House HomeStay”. It offers a Shangri-la like life and will make you want to stay. It is a good timing to experience the insect world when the eco-system is thriving during the summer time and it is far to experience natural life. Come to “Xiao Bang Tien Lin House HomeStay” to experience a natural life just around you. The “Xiao Bang Tien Lin House HomeStay” offers you a natural experience. The constantly splendid eco-system is just right at the front door. It is equipped with landscape leisure area and broad meadow leisure courtyard. Stunning mo

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5588-5, Tiantou Lane, Jhulin Village, Lugu Township, Nantou County
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