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Flora Villa-Rexort

Entering Sun Moon Lake, I find it hard not to be attracted by the lake water and the mountain scenery; I am here with an empty mood to accept all freshness, nature, beauty and romance here, where I will record into my travel log for memory in the future. Driving towards Flora Villa-Rexort at Sun Moon Lake, the standalone elegant villa is surrounded by carefree natural space; the two rows of hedges in the courtyard resemble guest-welcoming soldiers in a parade, the parasols randomly placed on the lawn sway with the wind. I am enjoying everything that is refreshing on this vast land, which is not very far away, I am at… Flora Villa-Rexort. Flora Villa-Rexort at Sun Moon Lake has an elevated design for the lounge to create an aristocratic manner, the super large field of vision straight to the second floor and the enlarged stylish French window allows you to embrace all scenery indoor and outdoor with a broad sight; the perfect combination between the majestic ambience created by the eleg

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555No.4-5, Shuiwei Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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