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Qi Lishan Tang (Tese Homestay)

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The first view of Puli. Carp Lake (Liyu Lake) The lakeside of the first beautiful view of Puli, surrounded by mountains, a beautiful lake shape, and mountain mist after the rain filled the air, the faintly discernible enigmatic fascinating scenery makes Carp Lake comparable to Xiao Xi Hu. Full misty mountain landscape of Qi Li Shan Tong is situated on the scenic lakeside. The stone steps walk up to Qi Li Shan Tong. You can enjoy a unique view of leaning on mountains and being intimate with the water. Qi Li Shan Tong on the slopes. It refrains its leisurely attitude to wait for every visiting guest. Style Breakfast. Versatile Holiday Park: In Qi Li Shan Tong, you can enjoy the food, enjoy the scenery, wedding banquet, watching ecology, coupled with vast horizons and picturesque scenery, makes a kind of sense of joy. The tranquility and comfort are waiting for you to savor. Japanese Garden unhurried lake water, misty mountain, Taiwan White Pine waving in the breeze in front of

Travel Information

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545No.23-1, Liyu 2nd Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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