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Hui Lai Homestay

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Puli Huì Lai Farm House is located in Taomi Eco-Village. It can be said that it occupies geographical advantages of the best environment. Rich in ecological resources and animals hiding in everywhere all will be the most common scene here. The scenery located within the farm is built with the original tree species and plants. You can find the animal protagonist, "frogs," of Taomi come and go from time to time in the village. If you are just interested in the frogs, then "Puli Huì Lai Farm House" will be a good place for you to dig the treasure Oh."Puli Huì Lai Farm House offers room types including two-person, four-person, and eight-person. Simply and tidy furnished rooms and the tranquility of a quiet peaceful environment, have greatly improved living comfort. Whether a guest room or shared living room, each room exudes all the comforts and leisure of a home; innkeepers use the gallery space of the second floor for scenic viewing and resting, in addition to chatting about, you can ove

Travel Information

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545No.2-1, Taomi Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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