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Man Man Geng Tian Homestay

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Beyond Hill Cottage is located at the 8.5 kilometer mark on Provincial Highway 64, about 2 kilometers from the Provincial Highway 21 51 kilometer mark, between Puli and Sun Moon Lake, about 6 kilometers from National Highway No. 6 Ailan Interchange, making it convenient for transportation. *GPS coordinates: East Longitude 120 degrees, 54 minutes, 31 seconds and North Latitude 23 degrees, 56 minutes, 1 second. Elevation: 750 meters. It faces the mountains, features views of Sun Moon Lake, and is an MOA-certified Fa Ma Si Te organic farm with a natural garden growing a variety of organic fruit trees and vegetables. Visitors may make reservations for the agricultural life or ecological tour. The structure features green architecture and wooden interior decorations, providing a simple, warm, healthy, and environmentally-friendly atmosphere. Breakfast is handmade using organic ingredients and includes oven-baked bread. Gently cultivate your spirit and sow the seeds of happiness. This place

Travel Information

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545No.33, Shuishang Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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