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Jingshangjing is vacation bed and breakfast where you can slowly stir the sunlight and stop to watch the stars. It is located in the Taomi Ecological Village of Sun Moon Lake on the mountain behind National Chi Nan University, next to Caonan Wetlands, a place of wonderful scenery and ecology. At an elevation of 650 meters, it features expansive views of the snow on Qilai Southern Peak in Hehuanshan in the north, and Shuishe Dashan by Sun Moon Lake in the south. The scenery is what creates the most unforgettable memories, and the ecology is a harmonious way to experience nature at any time of the day. The owner uses natural agricultural methods to grow different seasonal fruits and vegetables, which visitors are allowed to pick, tasting sweet fruit free of pesticides. Rooms come with balconies and amazing scenic views, the air is filled with phytoncides, and guests are lulled to sleep by the low cries of owls. In the morning, the sunrise is embraced by a 3,000 meter mountain while visit

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545No.45-3, Zhonggua Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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