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Tian Lai Xiuxian Homestay

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Puli Tenlai Bed and Breakfast is located at the highest point of Maopukeng in the Taomi Ecological Village, and is a high-quality, legally-certified establishment. It features beautiful overlooking scenic views of the range of mountain peaks in the distance and is surrounded by a sea of clouds in the afternoon, a charming sight. The structure is an elegant red and gray building with clean, comfortable, spacious, well-lit rooms, making this a great place for visitors to relax. The interior features an elegant socializing area, balcony with a refreshing breeze, and double and 4 person rooms with simple, warm layout style and good lighting and ventilation. Outside is a lawn full of vibrant life and wooden rest pavilion where you and your friends can leave behind the dirt and noise of the city and relax under the umbrella’s shade, appreciating a place of secluded beauty. Our bed and breakfast features a lush green area and wooden pavilion where travelers can rest, put their minds at rest,

Travel Information

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545No.1-9, Taomi Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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