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Puli Star Garden B&B Homestay

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Turn off the electricity and enjoy a vast sky free of any light pollution. Quietly listen to the songs of nature in the countryside, and wander through the comfortable, refreshing mountains. Don’t worry about the Internet, we have wifi! Bring your friends and rent out the entire building and outdoor area, where you can smell the fragrance of flowers while sipping tea, chatting with friends, enjoying a BBQ, or singing, creating warm, happy memories! Our wooden building is located in the scenically beautiful Puli Township. The grounds cover nearly 1320 square meters of woods and green area, all carefully planned. The outdoor area, home to a number of a plants and trees, takes on a different feeling and interest each season. It includes comfortable outdoor chairs, and you and your family and friends can play in the grass, brew tea, have a chat. In the evening, you can view of a sky full of stars and no light pollution, or sing, play cards, or enjoy your own private space and vacation time

Travel Information

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545No.6-9, Qianxi Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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