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Star Moon Valley

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Accompanied by the golden sunset and charming night scenes, the hostel “StarMoonValley” is well- known for its impressive wide-open view of Tung-ting Mountain, especially the view goes with bright shining among the valley whenever lamps are lighting at night. What’s more, you can watch the fantastic magic show of cloud-sea just in front of the hostel, especially in the summer raining days, the constantly changing cloud sea covers up the hill where bamboos and green teas living in, making the landscapes even more attractive to people. When you’re away from the city and stop by “StarMonnValley” hostel at night , you can enjoy this very moment with peaceful tranquility that the noises of city becomes a far-off murmur while the only sound echoes in the hill is the whisper of gentle wind responding to the fascinating Moonrise. Whenever you walk down to the hillside, you can easily catch up with the charming night-scene and overlooking the entire panorama view of Lugu Township. “Memory is

Travel Information

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558No.7-28, Dongding Ln., Lugu Township, Nantou County 558, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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