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Wujie Sea of Clouds B&B

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Wujie Tribe is the most northern tribe of the Bunun, one of the fourteen officially recognized Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribes. It is located 700 to 1600 meters above sea level in Fajhih Village, Ren''ai Township, Nantou County. Since it is high in altitude, clouds sometimes cover the village in early morning. Hence, it is also called "the home of clouds." Located in Wujie Tribe, Wujie Sea of Clouds B&B is a newly opened guesthouse, offering travelers a cozy and homely atmosphere. Each guestroom is well-furnished with high-quality pocket spring mattress. Aside from the interior design, Wujie Sea of Clouds B&B provides guided tours; travelers can appreciate magnificent sea of clouds in the early morning and enjoy a twinkling night sky. Historical spots, including Chubean Relics, Siyuan Diaoqiao, Wujie Dam and Momonaer Waterfall are recommended. To explore the historical trail and experience eco-tourism, enjoying the view of A Thread of Sky and collecting Dragon Bone Stone are included in

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546No.3-2, Wu''an Rd., Fajhih Village, Ren''ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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