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Chang Qing Ju Homestay

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Changqing Ju is located at an elevation of 1450 meters, 600 meters above the 63.6 kilomemeter mark of Alishan Highway, between Fenqihu and Dadongshan Forest Trail. The building is a traditional Taiwanese-style three-section building compound offering an outstanding accommodation environment and relaxing, scenic pine forest area where visitors can relax in the shade of the trees. Tea time isn’t complete without the owner’s homegrown Alishan Shizhuozhulu tea, featuring a sweet aftertaste and finely mild, fragrant flavor. Visitors long for the freedom and relaxation of nature, and the environment, pleasant throughout the seasons, relieves the worries and cares of city dwellers, making Changqing Ju the perfect place to enjoy the relaxation of nature.

Travel Information

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604No.16, Shizhuo, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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