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House of Ahan

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House of Ahan is located in the mountains at an elevation of 1100 meters in Beidao Ruili Scenic Area, Alishan National Scenic Area, near attractions such as Taiping, Taising (Taixing), and Fenqihu. Ruili is home to 8 tourist sites as well as a variety of ecological sights, and this is the perfect bed and breakfast for travelers planning a smooth, convenient vacation. House of Ahan in surrounded by mountains, and was originally a small farmhouse before it was transformed into a European-style wooden building through Ahan’s care and effort. Our care and effort is evident from the decorations among the flowers and grass of the outdoor area. Flower Garden Scenic Bed and Breakfast – Firefly ecological tour available from March to July. Listen closely to the sounds of the birds and insects in the day, and enjoy the peaceful starry sky in the evening, appreciating a rare mood of leisure. The tranquil scenery before you is not a dream, it’s a life of pleasantness that can take away all your ca

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603No.79, Rueili Village, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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