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Xin Cai Homestay

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Alishan Xin Cai B&B is located in the Meishan area, part of Alishan's scenic area, which is also where Taihe Zhangshu Lake in Chiayi County is located. The high altitude makes the air especially thin and fresh. The nearby attractions - Alishan National Park, Fengqihu Lake, Ruili Scenic Area - provide a variety of leisure activities and services, including dining and accommodation, specialty products and tour guides. Visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery of Chiayi's Meishan. The high mountain tea sold at the B&B had been carefully grown and irrigated with pure clean mountain spring water. The slowly roasted tea leaves render a cup of tea with clarity and excellent fragrance. It's absolutely a high quality tea. Alishan Xin Cai B&B is a modern small wooden architecture. The spacious and clean guestrooms have a large picture window with beautiful mountain views and green forest, and it brings a lot of bright light into the room. The room's simp

Travel Information

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603No.27, Zhangshuhu, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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