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San Hua Shengtai Homestay

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Located in the Ruili Scenic Area, Sanhua Ecological Bed and Breakfast is a legally-certified establishment owned by Wang Sanhua, an experienced local guide. Employing lively, self-composed four-line verses and a humorous tone, Wang teaches about animal and plant ecology, culture, history, and natural attractions of Ruili and the Greater Alishan Area, leaving a deep impression on guests. Let him know about any travel needs so he can help you custom design a tour engaging the mind and heart. Sanhua Ecological Tour provides package guided tours and offers 4 person Japanese-style rooms and 4 person suite rooms featuring a uniquely warm style and comfortable and generous space, with the owner’s care and principles evident in the details. Rooms are clean and bright, and facilities complete, making guests as comfortable and welcome as if they were at home. When you come to the mountains, don’t miss out on the excellent local cuisine restaurant, featuring carefully prepared seasonal mountain v

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604No.84, Jiaoliping, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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