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Shuaige Farmhouse B&B is part of the Lu surname village in Liujiao Township. It's part of a hundred-year-old courtyard house belonging to the Lu family that was once occupied by five extended families. As the family grew, many of them moved away to make a living and only the third son's family was left to take care of the traditional Taiwanese ancestral property. This house went from being a traditional acestral property to a leisure B&B business, which became known as Shuaige Farmhouse. As our guests increased in number, the thought of turning the house into a legally operated business came to mind, simply because it was not a good idea to leave it vacant. Coincidentally, the government was promoting tourism in the area, so an application was submitted to legalize the operation. Though we faced many obstacles such as legal issues and land use rights, we were finally certified to operate our business. No. 57 Shuaige Farmhouse B&B gradually spread its name through word-of-mouth and int

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615No.10, Liujiao, Liujiao Township, Chiayi County 615, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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