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A Ben De Jia Homestay

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A-Bun’s Home Bed and Breakfast in Ruili is legally-certified Bed and Breakfast No. 78, surrounded by verdant mountains and greenery, with a two-story wooden building, quietly standing in front of the tea garden in a perfectly serene environment. With a superior location on the the Ruili Scenic line, it’s near sites such as the Ruitai Visitor Center, Yejianghua Creek Trail, Swallow Cliff, 1000 Year Bat Cave, Yuantan Creek Eco Park, and Fenqihu Old Street, with convenient transportation whether you’re coming here by bus or car. The owner of A-Bun’s Home originally worked in the tea business; in cooperation with the Alishan Management Office and public promotion of the Ruili tourism industry, A-Bun’s Home also promoted the local industry, leading visitors on tours to learn about the aesthetic beauty of Ruili’s natural mountain scenery and rich plant and animal ecology. Rooms are limited, but each is warm and bright with elegant layout and decoration. The wooden floor and walls give off a

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603No.105, Youyelin, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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