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Sigang Vacation Homestay Tainan

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When an ordinary place in the countryside transforms into a stress-free and relaxing rest spot, we would like to welcome you to our home. We're not a top vacation villa or luxury 5-star hotel. Our B&B is ordinary but has a simple elegance. Our country-style home is where you can enjoy some peace and quiet and stay restful. Take a break from the busy city and enjoy a different lifestyle in Tainan! Xigang Vacation B&B combines country-style living, local culture, art and fine cuisine into our business operation. This may not be a well-known town, but there are rich culture, diverse ecology and many stories about country living waiting for you to discover. Some of the nearby tourist attractions worthwhile seeing are the well-known and most popular temple in Taiwan - Xigang Qing'an Temple, Shuwanggong (a giant old tree), Qigu Salt Mountain/Village, a lagoo

Travel Information

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723No.21-89, Zhongzhou, Xigang Dist., Tainan City 723, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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