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Yu Shuen Garden Homestay

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In front of Yu Xuan Yuan Bed & Breakfast is a green tunnel, and behind it, a pond and garden. Situated on Tainan Road 90, it is in close proximity to the hundred-year-old mango tree green tunnel, as well as fields of lotuses and paddies of rice. Looking out across the Jianan Plain, a huge expanse of greenery and fields as far as the eye can see, is an amazing experience. In the early morning or at dusk, why not take a walk or ride, watch the sun rise/set, breathe deep of the fresh air, and relax? Or how about just taking in the majestic sight of Mt. Guanzihling (Guanziling) A mere 15-minute walk will get you to the Lotus Information Center, and one kilometer to the west sits the Linchupi Cotton Trail. About five kilometers to the west lies Xiaonanhai Natural Ecological Park, and 1.5 kilometers to the north is Lianhua (Lotus) Park. Baihe Township is 4.5km south of Yu Xuan Yuan, and about 14km to the east is Guanzihling (Guanziling), a wonderful place for a drive or a ride, with the prom

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732No.49-56, Haifongcu, Yufong Village, Baihe District, Tainan City 732, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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